Hasbro Cranium Board Game

Hasbro Cranium Board Game

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I Like this game however it can be confusing and not everyone feels comfortable playing it. My favorite Hasbro Cranium Game is POP 5. It is a twist of this game but the players are in way more control of the challenges. Everyone who has ever played it with us become a huge fan!

A must must game for game night and when you need a laugh . One has to be creative and really use your brains to defeat opponent in a fun way.

Great game...only complaint is the clay dries out fast and then it's hard to play with the molding cards. Other than that, I love all Cranium games.

The rules can be confusing and the clay smells awful but besides that, very fun.

Great game for a group of adults to play. It can be confusing. You definitely need to be alert and focused to follow it. Only issue I have found is that the clay can dry out, even if kept in it's container.

Great game to play at family gatherings!!

One of my favorite games! Love them humdingers!

This is a very fun game to play with many people! Entertaining and funny a game everyone will enjoy.

This is a really, really fun game for people who like to "get into" the games they're playing. Very fun and always funny to see what people come up with... A few cons... it can get pretty heated/competitive, which is great if the people involved are into that; also, it tends to take a LONG time, so if you play it, you want to make an event of it (not a spur-of-the-moment thing).

I've owned this game since middle school, and I have played it with my sister and her friends many times, and we've even bought the extended card packages. It is an active-mind game, full of fun facts and great knowledge that never gets old. The drawing, history, and variety of topics that this game has really makes for a few hours of fun.

This games is fun and challenging. It really makes you think while having tons of fun!

Very Entertaining Game. However could use suggestion cards when using the putty which is quite hard to work with. And without the putty the game is pretty simular to Pictionary.

Cranium is a go to game for game-night with friends. I got this as a wedding present and love using it while entertaining. My only complaint is that the board got so much smaller and there's only enough pieces for two teams instead of four now. It's still fun though.

Love this game and we need to get additional sets of cards because we play it so much. Only downside is that the play dough that comes with the game drys out, but it can easily be replaced by a trip to the store for a replacement.

We like this game, we play for hours on the weekends. our kids love the time it takes because we are together.