Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

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Did not like the taste of this soda, nor did I like the aftertaste. Taste like medicine.

I am not a fan of diet coke. Just my opinion and this one seemed just as bad....

I don't think this product is still available in Chicago. However, I did try it. It was OK but I prefer cherry coke zero as a diet Coke product.

This tastes way better than normal diet coke! I love it!

Good taste.

Diet coke is nasty, Diet coke plus, even worse. It was like they tried to improve a turd.

If Diet Coke is worse than coke , I wonder if this is worse too. I may need to try it , and see if its good for you or not.

This tasted like medicine, and you couldn't even taste the cola. I'd give it less than 1 star if I could. Also very over priced!

I hated it. At first it tasted like Diet Coke which I love drinking, but very quickly the aftertaste hit me and I gagged. I am quite happy continuing to take my vitamins and drink my soda and do not plan again to have them at the same time.

This is the reason I started to drink Diet Coke. I enjoy the taste but I cannot find in in the Nashville area . I drink regular Coke or Coke Zero, which is very good too.

My husband drinks Diet Coke so I got him Diet Coke Plus and he did not notice till I said something. he loved it and so did I.

I am a Coke 0 fan always. I am diabetic so I have tried almost every sugar free drink out there. Including this one. I do not like the after taste of this soft drink, Coke 0 has no after taste. It is my go to drink.

I love diet coke plus - used to get it at Target.

Okay, what happened to Coke, these are awful. We took a couple of drinks and that was enough.

I didn't like it all. After taste is awful and I consider myself a Diet Coke expert! LOL