Incogmeato Burger Patties

Incogmeato Burger Patties

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Delicious Meatless Burger! These burgers are amazing! I think that they are just the right size and they cook up so easy! I like the fact that they have a "beefy" taste to me. My only complaint is that they are not gluten-free! I did not realize this until I had experienced the amazing flavor of the burgers! The other people that ate them with me enjoyed them as well. I also like the packaging. The burgers seemed to stay formed and fresh until I was ready to cook them which is a big plus!

Incogmeato "Burger" Patties Tough to Cook Try as I might , I really wanted to like these. Morningstar Farms has some good vegetarian products (such as their fake bacon). I have tried several times to figure out how to cook these and I'm throwing in the towel; I can't get it right. There are other "burgers" out there that pan fry up just fine and I think taste better.

Aftertaste is AWFUL They taste like the typical "burger" with a hint of soy, but the aftertaste is AWFUL. I can eat one, but never more than that in a week due to the aftertaste.