Pepperidge Farm Mint Chocolate Milano Cookies

Pepperidge Farm Mint Chocolate Milano Cookies

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Pepperidge Farm can't go wrong I love Pepperidge Farm products and I love these mint Milano's. It still has the delicious chocolate taste with the right touch of mint. The mint is not overwhelming. Absolutely delicious

Yummy Love these cookies. There so delicious and filling. One of my favorite indulgences.

yummy these are delicious ! I love the nice chocolate mint flavor , they also have the perfect little crunch . goes perfectly well with a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream

A lifelong love. I have loved Milano cookies since I was a child. These are delicious, the cookie equivalent of mint chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite.

Eat them too fast. These are my favorite cookies. I don't buy them very often because I eat them all up too fast.

More Mint Flavor These taste pretty good. I would like more mint flavor. I have bad allergies. So taste is not my strong suit. I need foods with more of the great ingredients I like added to them. So this is as with everyone strictly my opinion and my unique taste buds.

A Delicious Classic These cookies are my go to cookie. I could finish the entire bag if I'm not careful. I have loved them a long time, and they are always consistent. I don't think I've ever had a bag that was less than delightful in the many decades I've spent buying these cookies. They are the best.