Colgate Total SF Advanced Whitening

Colgate Total SF Advanced Whitening

              Rated #21 in Oral Care
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80% Recommended
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Minty fresh clean Fresh minty flavor, and a clean you can trust. As a daily coffee drinker, I am all for dental products that help to remove stains.

Will buy again I usually buy Sensodyne Toothpaste, I tried colgate Total because I had a coupon and I was pleasantly surprised. I have very sensitive teeth and gums and I am not able to use most Toothpastes without having major issues Colgate Total did a great job. A bonus was my son who is 14 and hates the taste of all Toothpaste, like it to. We will be buying again.

Does the job, price is right We buy this at Costco in a five pack, and it's a great deal. Everybody in the family likes it, tastes great and gets the tooth cleaning job done.

Trusted brand for family Colgate Total keeps my mouth fresh and clean. The entire family can use it.

NICE! Not a bad toothpaste at all!!!! I have sensitive teeth, and it helped SO much! Would recommend 100%.