Bubly  Sparkling Water

Bubly Sparkling Water

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Bubbly for a reason! I have only had the apple version as it was all that was available In terms of my type of flavor when I ordered it but it was very refreshing and a nice switch from my go to of la croix coconut or peach/pear. I definitely want to try a few more bubbly flavors, I think there's a peach or at least a mango which is on my list, and I really loved the apple. I pay attention to sodium as some of these have a hidden amount of sodium (it's minimal but still, I don't want any sodium added). I also find that these were a bit more bubbly as the name speaks then la croix meaning it doesn't get as flat if not fully drank at once. For the price and the vast amount of flavors I would highly suggest, there's no additives, no sodium, & very refreshing (best refrigerated & chilled IMO). I wish they made a coconut one!

Love Bubly blackberry! I have tried most flavors of Bubly this one is my absolute favorite. It's light, refreshing, it is not sweet, and has no harsh aftertaste. I don't drink Soda and until I found flavored waters I only drank lemon water. I love that they have no sugar, real or artificial, no calories and no sodium. Just water, natural flavors, and light carbonation.

Great sparkling water I'm not a big soda drinker, but love the carbonation! So this Sparkling water was so good. Lots of flavor with no guilt.

Grapefruit rocks! I love Grapefruit! This makes it not seem like I'm drinking sugary soda but has fizz like it. Taste is great. #lovebubly #fizzy #replacesoda #Grapefruittang

My favorite of the sparkling water brands Sparkling water might be a bit of an acquired taste, especially when it's artificially carbonated like this stuff, instead of mineral water like Evian. If you do acquire it, it can become extremely satisfying. If you've never had sparkling water like this before, it's kind of like when you go to get a fountain drink at a fast food place but someone forgot to load the syrup. It's a lot like the fizzy water that comes out when that happens, only with sparkling water brands they also add natural flavoring, usually fruit but not always. Of all the brands that have become popular in recent years, Bubbly is my favorite and I'm especially partial to their cherry flavor. It's pleasant, refreshing, and won't interfere with the flavors of whatever you're eating for lunch.

Satisfying and refreshing and not horrible aftertaste!! YUM!

My Favorite I never liked sparkling water until I tasted Bubly. The flavors are amazing and delicious. Who can beat no calories, no sugar. It definitely quenches thirst and is so satisfying. Love it

Refreshing summer drink A perfect, refreshing, summer time treat! Great flavors and taste. This tastes wonderful on a hot day when you want a little more than just plain water.

I enjoy a sparkling drink without any sugar, artificial sweeteners or colors. Bubly is a good one but it tends to be a little pricier than some of the others. I prefer buying twelve packs but Bubly usually comes in eight packs. Bottom line - it's an enjoyable healthy way to stay hydrated.

I enjoy this product it is not my go to seltzer but it does the job. the flavors are not terrible. Lemon and lime are my favorite.

Refreshing I absolutely love cherry Bubly. It's so light and refreshing and not too carbonated. The aftertaste is pleasant too.

Choose Bubly instead of soda I opted to start drinking flavored sparkling water instead of soda. I tried Bubly's Cherry flavor. It was not bad, It does take getting used to when you come from drinking soda. Cherry flavor is the only one I did like from their variety

Nice carbonated beverage and a great option to diet drinks. The flavors are nice, but I have to admit I like a little sweetness that this doesn't have.

Dissappointing I love seltzer but the flavors of the Bubly brand just aren't that good. They are fine in a pinch but not my thing. I was disappointed.

Too much fizz, not enough flavor eh... I can live without it. Not really a fan, lots of fizz, lack of flavor in my book.