Warner Bros Heads Up

Warner Bros Heads Up

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We continued to play after the kids went to bed. Played this on vacation and we had the best time. We continued to play after the kids went to bed. It is truly that much fun.

Fast fun. It was a fun, quick game! It could definitely use more subjects, but it was a great app to download and play with my husband.

Good I enjoy this game and I think it works fairly well. I have had some issues with it freezing and glitching and not working. I enjoy the game options and believe it is fairly close to the card game. Good job.

Family fun and friendly Amazing product! Played this game with youth groups, family, and friends. Great for kids, but can be challenging for younger kids. suggested for ages 4 and higher, though depending on the child, the age is up to you. a lot more fun to play in a bigger group rather than a smaller group. some categories are harder than others.

Fun, you should try it out for all the laughs Really fun game to play! I like it to play it with family and friends. Really cool that you can download app on your phone to play as well. It had a lot of different categories to choose from.

Love it This game is so fun especially with friends and family! It's a fun way to come together and enjoy each other's company with laughter!

Family fun The first time I ever saw this app me and my daughter were waiting in a very very long line at six flags and there was a group of people in front of us who were playing the game heads up.I seem to be having so much fun and not even paying any mind to the fact that the line was extremely long so I pulled out my phone and downloaded the app andFor the rest of our trip to six flags every line we played the game and it made the lines seem a lot less dreadful.The only reason I would not give it five stars is because the technology seems to be really sensitive and any slight movement will move you into the next word.

Headsuppp It's good for first time interactions with groups of people. It helps you to get to know them and is an easy ice breaker. It's also fun when you know the other players.

Fun Game! Fun game when you're bored and need an activity. My family actually started playing it on a plane while we were waiting for a terminal to unload and other passengers joined in! I would't play it regularly, but it's great for some occasions!

Heads up for Heads Up I like it, it's a fun game to play with friends and family. However, sometimes the correct and incorrect can be switched or can glitch. So, even though it is a fun game to play, almost exactly like charades, it can sometimes glitch and not give you the correct outcome. Also, for me, personally, I don't like how it videos the person acting out or wherever the camera is pointed

I love this game! It is so much fun at get togethers.

Need some laughs? Fun for the whole family- but only if you don't cheat!

Must play!!!! This game is very entertaining I love playing this game with my best friend when boredom hits I would highly recommend this game for anyone who loves family games

It's a fun family game! But once you've gone through all of the free categories, it can start to get very repetitive and boring. Especially to older kids.

This game is so much fun and the more people the better it is