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  • dstoetzer By  dstoetzer    

    Easy to Install

    Love how much easier this is to install! Also, easy to adjust as kids grow or switching between two kids. We've been using the seat for 2.5 years, and it has held up great.

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  • Annab786 By  Annab786    

    Easy to set up

    This was very comfortable for my child. It is easy to hook up and go. It?s not difficult like other car seats.

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  • Christyhelton By  Christyhelton    

    Great car seat

    I absolutely love this car seat. This has been my sons car seat for 2 years now and it still works perfect.

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  • Tashieka By  Tashieka    

    long usage

    This is my favorite car seat brand. i specifically love this one because it's the only car seat I've needed. I'm a huge fan of the forever car seats and like the idea that I won't have to purchase any more. this car seat seems comfortable for my child and is very sturdy

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  • pdms1993 By  pdms1993    


    I bought this for my son who is a rather large for his age 10 month old. He loves it. It was easy to install in any vehicle and makes switching it over an absolute breeze and that is what every mom needs!

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  • Momma2boys2 By  Momma2boys2    

    Great carseat

    I have this seat for my niece. Im.always driving her around and decided to get my own seat for her to make it easy. Seats have changed a lot since my teens were little! I love how easy this seat is to install in my car. I love how easy it is to adjust I and to get my niece in and out. It has 2 cup holders! That was super rare on my kids car seats. Most seats didn't even have 1!! Overall I feel great having my niece in this seat. I know she is not only safe but comfortable too.

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  • ElishaAnnB By  ElishaAnnB    

    One of the best carseats on the market. We have used this carseat from the get. And it continues to grow with your baby. We love graco it's such an amazing brand and their products ever disappoint and are made with great quality and this one is no exception.

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  • agbishop By  agbishop    

    Favorite convertible carseat

    This is the 4th convertible car seat that I have used for my children. It fits amazing in my suv and cat even with my tall husband sitting in front of it. It is the easiest one to install rear facing, light weight enough to change vehicles and my baby absolutely loves it. The only issue we have is tightening the straps can sometimes be difficult but I have found that pulling the slack from behind the seat and then pulling the string to tighten, works every time

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  • Jpratt9165 By  Jpratt9165    

    It's the Graco Extend2Fit, for me!

    The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat system is the best gift to give a newborn's family, of all time. You can take this car seat anywhere. It's so easy to install and even offers a variety of installation options. Graco Extend2Fit has been the only car seat I've bought and will be used for many more years to come once I turn it into a booster, for my son. The only car seat he will ever need!

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  • Dee1707 By  Dee1707    

    Favorite Carseat

    We have had this carseat for my 3 year old since she was a few months old and let me tell you we love it! Not only can it be used as a infant carseat it can be used as the continue to grow through the years. The cupholders are removable. The carseat cover comes of easily and can be washed and easily put back on. We love everything about this car seat.

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  • Laura9 By  Laura9    

    Good, but Heavy!

    We have three of these car seats. They work great and are built to last. I love that they don't expire fora whole ten years. They are pretty much the only car seat you will ever need. My only complaint is that that they are SO heavy and difficult to install. Luckily, my son just switched over to the boosters, which are a bit more manageable.

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  • Mrskelley07 By  Mrskelley07    

    Love it!

    Love this car seat. I?ve had it for about 2 years now we bought it when my 3 1/2 year old turned one and it?s a great car seat. I loved that it was able to convert from rear facing to front facing with no trouble.

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  • SMM2015 By  SMM2015    

    Love this seat!

    I would definitely recommend this seat! My daughter always looks comfortable in it and I know that she is safe! I love how easy it is to adjust the seat as my daughter grows.

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  • Kristidonnelly28 By  Kristidonnelly28    

    I love love this car seat. I was n a very back wreck totaled my xterra. N my son was perfectly unharmed and car seat never moved.

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  • hetty1209 By  hetty1209    

    Used with my daughter and I really recommend and enjoy this carseat. Would buy AGAIN for my son. I like how. it had the recliner seats and the two.cup holders.

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