Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

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Husband loves my bath bomb! This bath bomb is very colorful, smells delicious, and made my skin feel conditioned. My husband always wants to take a bath with me when I have a Lush bath bomb. No kidding!

Smells great, feels great, looks great! Sadly, mine did not "swirl" the way it was supposed to because I disturbed the water, but that was user error, not product. I'm certainly a fan, it's among my favorite of lush bath bombs (which I use quite often).

Minty Galaxy It makes the water really pretty. It's minty and sparkly. I really like this bath bomb.

Fun for a little boy too! Lush bath bombs are always great, but this one was extra special. It made my son feel special because it turned the water a greenish blue shade when it was totally done. It did have a little sparkle too it which was had to be rinsed out of the tub.

Amazing Colors Lush has never dissapointed me with a bath bomb. The intergallactic does not either. This is my all time favorite Lush bath bomb. The colors are so vibrant blue and pink and the smell is just amazing on top of that. So fresh peppermint is great. It is always one I pick up on my stops to Lush.

Beauty in the Bath The height of luxury! Lush products are such good quality. They look and smell pretty, making all us gals feel like queens! This bath bomb is an instant pick me up and great relaxer after a long day.

fun bath item! okay this item is really cool. taking baths to a whole new level. these smell amazing and the colors are so vibrant and pretty! many options to chose from !

A glittery dream If you're questioning buying this, buy it!! This bath bomb is like taking a bath in space. So sparkly, colorful and leaves you covered in glitter and smelling amazing. This bath bomb smells great and is like a glittery void.

LUSH Delivers INTERGALACTIC BATH BOMB This bath Bomb from Lush is one of the best OVERALL ones I have tried ( around 7 different ).. The Colors are amazing from a warm deep blue to a pink and yellow punch of color . It ran around $10 .. so like ALL LUSH Bath Bombs it's on the high side ... BUT IF you want a bee u too full choice than this is a great 'special item' for friends of yourself ! It is med blue then pink and yellow THAN purple !!!! Simply AMAZING !