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I use to only shop at Ikea; however, I watched a YouTube video where a person takes apart a table desk from IKEA and inside was just cardboard. No thank you!

Affordable mediocre quality furniture This place has a great variety and selection of furniture pieces. I also love their showcases of decor ideas for your home . I'm Not really a fan of the quality of the furniture . I wouldn't recommend buying a couch or bed or any sturdy furniture that you want to last a long time from there specifically . The other downfall is that you have to put each individual piece together with the furniture you buy where which can be a real big task to commit to and pain in the butt if you put something together wrong. I do also like some of the kitchen collection items, lighting, bathroom decor, closet organizers etc. Definitely suggest making a visit here to see what you like. You get what you pay for !

They have a ton of quality pieces for a decent price, but that store is one confusing maze to get through

Even Our Kids Love This Store I love going to Ikea, mainly to look at their kitchen displays lol. I also like that you can look at the item in store and if you decide later you would like the item, you can order it only through Ikea. I do find it funny that my stepdaughter is always excited about going to Ikea. So much so, she insisted we add that to the list of stops on our staycation a few years ago.

Furniture holds up! I love Ikea! I have purchased a ton of items here and they hold up nicely. However i did give them 4 stars because the store can be so confusing and finding anyone for help is a job.

Huge Selection Ikea carries just about every type of furniture and home decor you could think of. With the addition of the cafeteria, this is one of my favorite places to shop!

Great room ideas I love ikea as a great inspiration store. Yes there are a lot of good products that are reasonably priced. Just be careful about quality. Look at reviews thoroughly before making a furniture purchase.

I like IKEA I like shopping at IKEA because of the wide range of products. It has lots of useful stuff under one roof but the downside of it that one cannot browse entire store in a single visit.

Every thing you need is there, from A to Z ✌🏻 Highly recommended 😉

LOVE IT! A one stop shop! I absolutely love that IKEA is a one stop shop for home essentials! My favorite IKEA item is my LACK shelf.

Go - you're welcome, in advance IKEA home furnishing store - AMAZING - The shopping carts will hurt you (easily pull something) but other than that - don't forget to sign up as a member (besides unlimited free tea & coffee) members save CONSTANTLY - there are 'short cuts' throughout the store - very well hidden - pathetic I know each one ... Go with more monies than expecting to spend - with an EMPTY vehicle & DON'T FORGET - yellow bags AREN'T for sale ... but the blue ones are ALSO... IF you see something you like BUY IT - their products CONSTANTLY change -

IKEA- Our favorite shopping place! Whenever I am redecorating IKEA has everything I need at a great price! I get everything I need plus a-lot of fun thing's for the home I didn't know I needed but really did :) We also love eating at the food coiurt and getting goodies we can't get anywhere else

Great Products at a Great Price Such a great store with lots of great products and decorating ideas. I purchased two white desks recently. They took minutes to put together and they are really good quality.

Modern I love how modern and affordable is IKEA. My kids love all the kids toys and we have them almost all. Great value for the price!

LOVE IKEA I enjoyed everything about the IKEA experience. The bags and carts were easy to transport, the list process made it so much easier to find parts, I love all of the European names of things. The food court was amazing and there was also a small grocery that I also purchased items from so that I wouldnt have to cook while putting their products together and itwas a snap also.