Caress Daily Silk

Caress Daily Silk

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Love caress but seems the price kept going up.. so stopped buying it.

Smells great! These are great products and over the last few years they have really stepped it up with the scents they're using. The exfoliators small great as well.

Must try if you never have I've never tried Caress before but it was on sale and I had a coupon so I bought some. I got the shea butter and brown sugar 2-in 1 exfoliating bars, they're amazing. Great scent and leaves your skin very soft and shiny!

Great Scent I love the scents available. Gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft.

Lovely on the Skin My two favorite soaps and bodywashes are Tone and Carress, and the latter is harder to find. This soap smells so lovely and feels so good on--kind of silky if it that makes sense. Living in the desert, I try to use more moisturizing soaps, as many can dry skin out more. I definitely recommend this product that makes showering and bath time that much more lovely and relaxing.

This product is really good! Not only does it smell wonderful, but it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and delicate! This is one of the many body washes I love and can actually use because i have sensitive skin.

A little luxury for the bath and shower Caress Daily Silk is the perfect way to add a little luxury to your everyday shower or bath. It is rich and creamy, and the fragrance is a sensual delight.

Love it These smell amazing and leave my skin soft and moisturized.

Smells great Leaves my skin silky smooth and smelling so great after a shower!

Love it! Caress leaves your skin smooth and fresh. There are different scents to choose from. I have sensitive skin and have never had a breakout from Caress.

Good bath soap Not only do I enjoy bathing with Dove but Caress is also incredible. It leaves the skin smooth and smelling great.

Smells amazing One of my two favorite body washes to use. The smell of it is amazing and it leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Great value, you will love the wash. This is one of my favorite Caress body washes, they make the best but I love the smell of it and how soft your skin is after using and the long lingering scent, you won?t be disappointed and it?s a great buy and it lasts a long time.

Love my caress The scent of caress daily silk body wash is amazing. My skin feels soft and smooth to the touch and smells fresh all day.

Body I love caress it makes my body smoth the smell Is so great I just started using this brand last month