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  • rjennings67 By  rjennings67    

    NARS Satin Lip Pencil

    I love NARS Lip pencil which goes on smooth and last long! The texture blends well with any gloss or lipstick and the price is decent!

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  • Jrhoades2 By  Jrhoades2    

    Been a fan for 5+ years

    I love all of these Nars lip pencils. The colors are super saturated. Great for layering and creating a signature color!

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  • leona1219 By  leona1219    

    This is a nice, moisturizing lip color that isn?t shiny but isn?t matte - somewhere in between. It gives great color payoff and is long lasting.

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  • Sds4778 By  Sds4778    


    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Talk about a smooth application without the feeling of dragging a #2 pencil across your mouth. With a wide range of colors there is something for anyone. Absolutely my favorite lip pencil to date!

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  • saramahoney By  saramahoney    

    Holy Grail Lip Product!

    I have been searching and searching for a lip product like this NARS Satin Pencil. I was a little hesitant to take the plunge because NARS products can be pricey; however, I had been been looking for a lip liner-that would stay as my base all day--and this is the one! You could use this on its own, but it makes for such a beautiful lip base-that I am in love. I purchased the color Sex Machine-and if you like pinks-this is the one for you!

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  • lifeinpumps By  lifeinpumps    

    Lipstick Lovers Rejoice

    Do you love a great lipstick but hate that it rubs off quickly? This NARS stick is long lasting and moisturizing. The red is my favorite!

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  • Paysshy By  Paysshy    


    I really like this lip pencil, I have it in multiple colors. I just really hate reapplying it all day.

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  • Tulip102903 By  Tulip102903    

    Great product

    These have really great pigment and the pencil/crayon format makes them easy to apply. A little pricey but also great quality

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  • BeccaAlvi By  BeccaAlvi    

    Great product that lasts all day

    I fell in love with this lip pencil. It is Satin, and I typically like more of a matte finish, but I was pleasently surprised at how much I loved this product. I last all day which I really like, so I don't have to keep reapplying it. I got this as a sample for my birthday from Sephora, and still have not had to go and purchase a new one. It last a pretty long while.

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  • darlingfirst By  darlingfirst    

    Dazzling in Cruella

    If you have a love for matte products, there is no doubt that NARS should be in your makeup bag. My favorite would be Cruella, a very seductive and fiery red. This cult classic red goes with any complexion and it makes teeth look quite luminous and white. I love the staying power + it glides on smoothly with full color payoff in one swipe. If you're not a fan of red or haven't ventured out into the boldest of colors I suggest you give this one a try. I will say however that this color is not for the tame of heart. ***Dolls don't give a product a bad review simply because the color didn't quite look good on you...or you felt it was too bold. The truth is that this lip pencil is great! 100% A+++++

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  • alyssamos By  alyssamos    

    ill pass

    i got a gift box for my birthday from Sephora with this and i personaly was not a fan, the color was just not appealing and i did not like how it felt.

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  • AWepas By  AWepas    

    Love the colors and the way it feels on my lips. Great product and easy to carry around in my purse.

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  • Jmigli By  Jmigli    

    Not the best

    I've tried So many liners, this one comes close to All the rest of them. They always crease, don't last. And after a few hours, all you see is this yucky outline.

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  • sapphirediva By  sapphirediva    

    I'm much more of a liquid lipstick person than a regular lipstick person, but I do own about four or five of these lip pencils. The formula has great pigmentation and a creamy feel. Pleasant to no smell and no weird taste. It does come off like regular lipstick is bound too but in combination with a lip liner it won't smudge and lasts longer than drugstore lipsticks.

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  • TheTruth By  TheTruth    

    Creamy Goodness

    I love Nars lipstick products, they go on creamy, as for the color (for the most part) what you see is what you get which is great & they last a long time. Although they could be pricey it's worth buying.

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