Fitbit Charge hr

Fitbit Charge hr

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I probably us my hr more often than I use my phone. I love it and it's perfect for any gym junkie! It's also the only "jewelry" let alone watch I have worn constantly. I love it and it keeps me accountable for my health.

Fitbit Charge I would like to review this. Hoping they going to give a chance..

Fitbit for life Fitbit is one of the greatest brands for this kind of product. I love how it keeps the time, steps, calories burned, stair count, among many other things in a simple bracelet. I love it!

Love it Keeps me moving those steps all day long. I wish the replaceable bands were less expensive. Keeps me accountable for steps and love I can get text message and heads up on phone calls

My husband purchased for me for Christmas and I looooove it! It really makes me aware of how much I move in a day and lets me add friends on their app so we can compete, it also shows how many miles I have walked and the amount of calories burned. If you download the free app you can also track your sleep 😴 awesome watch for sure! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product.

I live for my Charge. The app is super easy. It is easy to wear and comfortable. The only issue I have is the large size. I am a small lady with small wrists. I like smaller jewelry.

I live in a state with varied elevations and this model does not differentiate between stairs climbed and changes in elevation at all. This alters my stats to be very inaccurate and makes tracking useless and I am constantly having connectivity issues between the watch and the app.