Enfa Grow  A+

Enfa Grow A+

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My Son Pancho is an Enfalac A+ baby since few days after he was born, due to my poor milk supply. No matter how much I want what is best for my child, I can't always make it happen. Lactating pills doesn't work for me and it's so frustrating that I had to supplement him with formula. I can still remember the first thing I asked Dra. Uy (my son's Pedia). What is the best milk formula she could recommend for my baby. She Immediately answered. "Enfalac A+ because it contains all the essential things that are needed for a baby's growth. From then on, besides solid food Enfa milk formula has been my son's main source of nutrition from Enfalac A+, Enfapro A+ to Enfagrow A+. Pancho is now 3 yrs. old and 8 months and he's doing great in preschool and a good communicator. I also consider the high price but the moment I see how Enfamilk help him grow up healthy and smart. I never regret patronizing for them.