Sony Whiplash

Sony Whiplash

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I just saw Whiplash and it is certainly a movie for Musicians and Band Members alike. The scene when Terrance Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) is on stage directing a Jazz Assembly of top Musicians which includes Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) took me back to my Junior High and High School Days to the times when I was attending assembly's and watching pretty talented performers of dance and theater on stage with fascination. I have always been very into music, dance and theater. I love to see the scenes as they are acted out and the times before the curtains are drawn and after they close are always high energy and emotional times for me. I am able to make the connection with all the is being put into delivering on stage. Whiplash is destined to be as classic as the movie Fame and it will certainly continue to inspire generations to come. It's a reminder of some very sweet memories of me as a student and developing you adult, even though I was the girl in the choir and not the girl in the band.

Whiplash Review This movie is the literal definition of blood, sweat and tears, along with the drive, motivation, passion, pain, tension, anger and frustration that comes from wanting to be the best. The plot is your basic initiative and drive versus want and need story, just in a musical setting as opposed to something else (usually, this subject is explored through a sports theme). For being a drama about drumming, we sure were on the edge of our seats the entire time! This movie is so compelling and is certainly enthralling. We want Andrew, someone who has been pushed to the side his entire life, to finally be the best at something so he can prove everyone in his life wrong, but we also don't know if he can handle the beating it will take to get there. J.K. Simmons is excellent, Miles Teller a great up and comer. BRILLIANT movie, a must see!!!