L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

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I wasn't sure what to expect using this product. It smells nice and is absorbed well into the skin. Some serums leave a reside or tacky feeling but this was nice to use. I broke out a bit but u sure what the case was related or not. I have not noticed a difference with using this product and this is my reasoning with the 1 star rating. I got this product complimentary to try and give my honest review.

I see no difference at all in my skin and used it faithfully, disappointed in this product and would not buy it or reccomend it!

This product has a very fancy container, but the actual serum does absolutely nothing. At the end of the test, I saw no increase in fullness or firmness, no reduction of lines, absolutely no change.

The best thing about this serum was that it was very easy to apply and spread all over my face. The texture was good and I didn't notice a scent, which was good as well. I did not see one bit of difference on my skin, except for the fact that I did break out a few times, which is very rare for me. I was thrilled to be able to test this product, but am disappointed that it did nothing for me. The other thing that I didn't care for was the container that it came in. There were times when standing it up and then putting the top back on, if I pressed hard, it would dispense the product inside of the cap. This happened to me quite a few times and I finally just laid the product down on it's side, so I wouldn't do that again. I guess I would suggest a different way of dispensing it. Not for me.

I was so excited to receive this product and sadly it failed to impress me. Upon application it was watery and felt sticky on my skin. This is the first time I had used a serum so that may be typical of the type of product. I am beginning to get horizontal lines above my upper lip and this is where I focused my application and attention. Due to the nature of the product I was hoping to notice at least some plumping of the skin. Over the course of 4 weeks however, I saw no difference.

I was so excited to get the product as I am always trying new things to improve my skin. I may have been expecting too much as I was quite disappointed. I have those "parenthesis" lines that I was hoping to make less noticable as it was advertised to "plump up" the skin. I saw no difference. I don't seem to have fine lines--maybe it works better on those. On the plus side, I liked the design of the dispenser as it was easy to get the right amount. It absorped quickly into my skin and did not feel greasy. My husband and I both liked the smell of the product.

I have never used a serum before and was excited to receive the Revitalift Volume Filler. I kept my expectations low and so was not disappointed. After 4 weeks I cannot tell that anything was accomplished. Hope does spring eternal and maybe someday a product will come along that really does result in fuller cheeks and less hollowed eye area. As for wrinkles, the fight continues! Thank you for the opportunity to try this product SheSpeaks!!

I really don't know what to say. It smells good. Am I supposed to notice some difference? Do I need all the other products to get results? So it smells good and it goes on nicely without making my face feel slimy or greasy.

Only using for a week so it's hard to give a rating at this point in time. Very easy to apply. Light fragrance and non oily. It does make your skin smooth feeling and soft, but that is all I have noticed so far. Will check back in as the time goes by.

Its really hard to say whether or not this product is working. Ive been using it religiously for a week and a half, morning and night, and I really haven't noticed any change. But I'm giving it 2 stars because I think it needs more time. At this point, I'm not sure I would recommend it.

I'm not impressed with this product. First of all, the packaging is much too gimmicky for me. I understand it's supposed to look like a needle that would be used to insert fillers, but it's must too large and clumsy to use and store. The serum itself has a nice texture and fragrance and feels good upon application, but within a few hours the residue is flaking off of my skin. After a month of daily use, I don't find any difference in the look of my wrinkles, skin texture or tone.

I used it for a month and I did not notice any differences. It is not sticky and goes on very smoothly.

I used this for a while , and I noticed no changes in my skin. My fine lines remained the same. I'm disappointed.

while the serum felt nice on my skin i failed to see much difference in my skin and/or fullness of the skin

Although this product has a smooth and non greasy feel to it, I did not see any physical results or changes in my skins appearance. I think Loreal makes high quality products, but this one did not deliver for me.