Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Look Out Playset

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Look Out Playset

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My 4yo got this for his birthday a few weeks ago, along with all the characters. He has not stopped with it! Absolutely loves it! His friends come over and go straight to his Paw Patrol Set up.

This is a pretty big hit with my little Paw Patrol lover!

My boys absolutely love this! It has given the, hours of entertainment and imagination!

Paw Patrol Staple This toy has been through both of my boys. My now 7 yo got this when he was 3 and my now 3 yo plays with is ALL the time. Along with all of his pups. Yes, the slide easily comes off, but it just as easily can be popped right back on. This toy isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We've had it for years and is basically a Paw Patrol staple! If you're on the fence, just Get it!

Making you grandchildren happy The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Look Out Playsets that purchased for my 2 5 year old grandsons was a great purchase. It is well made but most of all it allows them them to play as individuals as well as play with there friends .Their imaginations get to take them so many places with there play sets and they use they other toys to combined with their playsets . My 3 year old grand daughter also joins in on as well because the playset is versatile , Great product

Cool This is the centerpiece of the play area when we are playing out Paw patrol scenes. Got to have the tower! We love sending the pups down the slide to get into their vehicles!

expensive This toy is overpriced. Of course my son enjoys it but that doesn't mean that the companies need to take advantage of that and overprice the tv shows toys.

toy This product my son enjoyed but i dont think it was worth the cost

My 5 year old son loves everything Paw Patrol. This is a fun toy; but it's rather overpriced. As with any branded toy you must expect to pay more for something. I waited until it went on sale. I prefer toys that are smaller and can be easily stored in a closet or toy box. This is a little on the larger side. It takes up quite a bit of room in the toy box.

The price is pretty high for a toy that comes with few items. I would think it should come with all the pups instead of just 1. My son is only 15 months but does enjoy it. He has always loved cars that he can roll around on the floor, and over the last few months he has come to love Paw Patrol so this was a win win for me. I do wish it did more or came with more to keep his interest longer.

Great starter set and easy to add pups My son enjoys this playset. It's simple but easy to use the additional pups and vehicle sets with it. This is a great affordable paw patrol tower

Awesome toy! My son absolutely loved this! The slide wasn't very stable and eventually broke but that was after a lot of play. Great toy!

Okay toy. I purchased this for my son as a gift, I thought he would really like it since he is a big Paw Patrol fan. He wasn't too impressed with it. I thought it was kind of boring myself, but could be entertaining for a kid who likes to race cars down tracks.

My husband and I got this for my 5 year old son and he loves it. I just wish it came with more characters as the price is a bit steep at 40 dollars I expected a little more. That said, he still loves it and his Uncle got him the other characters to go with it so he really enjoys playing with it. Just lower the price by 5 dollars or increase the characters please! But then again if I stop and think about it, most disney jr. or character products are quite expensive.

Very small for the price. My son loved it at first, after having it for a couple of weeks the pieces seem to go astray as with any toy that has removable parts.