Walgreens Well Beginnings Premium Diapers

Walgreens Well Beginnings Premium Diapers

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i love it we love them they do not leak love them alotttttttttttttttttttttttt

Not the greatest diaper. My kids have both leaked while using these, but I can't complain about the cost.

Budget mom This product is pretty good when budget crunching. My son never seems to have any problems, my only problem is that it seems that almost every time I go they never seem to have size 4 in stock. Other than that, I would recommend if you are on a low budget or ran out at the last minute.

The larger sizes work well if your on a budget. I wouldn't recommend the NB or Size 1 they just don't hold like they should and leak. To rough on babies bottom.

I bought several packs of these diapers before my baby girl was born. After she was born and got into size 1 I decided it was time to try them. These diapers are very rough feeling and the straps on them were not very stretchy at all. I returned what I had left with no problems at all from walgreens which is why I gave them 2 stars..

this being an off brand, store brand what ever you want to call it i think their diapers work really well a little more expensive then they should be but the work well enough for not being as expensive as the name brands i use these for running around the house and we havent had a leak yet!

These are medium quality. They are not as bad as some knock off brands, but still could use better absorbency

As far as protection goes, it compares to name brand diapers. However, in sizes these run small. I haven't had any problems with my daughter breaking out we just go up a size. If you're waiting until payday these diapers work just as well.

These diapers are ok, not as absorbent as pampers or huggies. They also have a weird smell to them which I was not thrilled with.

So, I was a FIRM believer in Swaddlers.... I refused any other brand until one day I was in a crunch (my husband had emergency surgery and was in the hospital, I forgot our cloth diapers at home, I ran out of disposables in the diaper bag and I NEEDED diapers asap) - I ran to Walgreens and found these, $7.00 for a 44 pack! -- UHHH yes please. So I tried them, they have the yellow line pee indicator and they are like MAGIC!! No diaper rash, can hold a really fair amount of liquid and never had a blow out in them. They are incredible! In the hospital they have these magic blue sheets that can hold gallons of water somehow and I swear these diapers are made of that same magical material. I definitely recommend them.

These were really good. I bought them a few times. My child has never peed through his diaper. My friend also uses these for her child as well.

Tried these diapers once had to get rid of them after just one diaper my baby peed through one after just an hour and got a bad diaper rash

I did not like these diapers because they were really thin and did not hold much. The price is cheap but the diapers quality is too unfortunately.

I was really impressed with these diapers. They were out of the regular brand and I had no choice. But WOW! just as good!

These diapers are great for the price. They are always on sale too! They also hold up well when used overnight. All three of my children have been able to use these.