number 4 hair care  clarifying shampoo

number 4 hair care clarifying shampoo

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Not worth the price, sadly While this is another No. 4 product that smells good, I couldn't get the shampoo through my hair. I had to use a ton to get a lather going, and my hair felt so stripped that not even conditioner brought back its typical shine. I prefer Sauve clarifying conditioner, honestly.

I recently requested some samples from number 4 hair care online and one of the products they sent was their clarifying shampoo. It's as thick as honey and I've never got a better lather. Its pretty pricey at $32 for a 5 oz bottle, but a girl needs to splurge now and again. It had a very unique scent and kept my hair from getting oily for days. It added so much volume to my hair. If you love hair products, you've gotta give N4 a try.