Dove Dark Chocolate

Dove Dark Chocolate

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This is my fave chocolate of all time. When my hubs gives me flowers he also gives me a bag of these. It's one of those things that we give to each other to let the other know we are thinking of them.

Yes , PLEASE ! Just bought another bag today , my husband prefers milk chocolate but I am a huge fat of the good silky and rich bite of a dark chocolate candy by Dove : smooth yet satisfying in all the perfect ways we?ve come to expect

smooth and tasty I love this dark chocolate, smooth and tasty. I buy this product very often and it's perfect to have one after each meal.

Love Dove dark chocolate - melts in your mouth. Actually makes you feel good.

I like these because I can buy a big bag and have one piece of individually wrapped chocolate a day. I'm less likely to sit down and eat a whole bag (or bar). The chocolate quality is average, compared to the $4 chocolate bars I sometimes buy for a treat and eat extra slowly (like over a period of a month) Dove pales in comparison. But it's good quality for the price and it comes in a bunch of different varieties, including seasonal.

Dove chocolate is divine. Creamy and smooth as it melts in your mouth. I hide these for myself.

Love Dove dark chocolate it tastes lovely and just the right amount of sweetness. Simply delicious.

Really good even though I dont like dark chocolate

Yum. Chocolate that is creamy and good, but with just a bit less guilt.

Dove makes the best dark chocolate. I keep a bag in the freezer. I love them frozen. Just one is a satisfying treat all it's own! :)

One of the best chocolates that are affordable!

Really great tasting chocolate... melts in your mouth YUM

dark chocolate is great tasting and good for you! what a combination!

I love doves dark chocolates, they are really indulgent and just make you feel special whenever you eat one or more lol Really high quality chocolate too, in my opinion. Sure I love hershey's but when I want something a little more sophisticated I get Dove :D

LOVE these, they are in my fridge right now!!!