Pepsi Diet Pepsi

Pepsi Diet Pepsi

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Giving it a one because I love diet soda. Not giving it a 5 because it's not Diet Coke. Would rather drink water than a Pepsi.

I am not entirely sure why I just overall do not enjoy the taste of pepsi at all

I am not a fan of ANY diet soda. They are bad for you. Diet Pepsi tastes "diety". And it leaves an unpleasant after taste in your mouth. I find it makes me thirstier than actually quenching my thirst. Plus it is expensive. Not for me.

I only give it a 2 and not a 1 because it's tastier than Coca-Cola. But it's overly sweet, overly carbonated and so incredibly unhealthful that I have no choice but to give it a poor rating.

Pepsi is just too sweet for my taste.

Good taste if you like pepsi. Tastes like regular pepsi without all the sugar. Thumbs up!

Crisp clean flavor. Burning after taste. Good price. Refreshing. Loses freshness or bubbles quickly

I really love the crisp taste of Pepsi. While most people don't like the fact it's sweet as regular Pepsi, I love that it's not as sweet. Really good flavor all around.

It's alright, I love pepsi but the diet pepsi is a bit to sweet.

taste wise for diet drinks I think most taste the same and do not have a preference, i dont drink soda much anymore because of how unhealthy it is though i like that Pepsi has taken out the aspartame even though that's not the only unhealthy chemical that's in there.

my go to diet soda Diet Pepsi is the diet cola that I like, I dont drink it much but if it's in the fountain I'll probably get it.

Crisp clean cola I definitely love Diet Pepsi when I'm in the mood for cola. It's got a crisper taste than it's counterparts. Iwill always take this over another cola. It doesn't leave a burning aftertaste. #dietpepsi #cola #crisptaste

Pop the Bubbles! Refreshing, crisp and satisfying, I'm a huge fan of Diet Pepsi! It is one of my go-to carbonated beverages, as I feel the flavor is strong, non-syrupy and has the ideal amount of sweetness. Unlike other similar beverages, it does not easily lose carbonation, which is something I look for and enjoy in a soda.

Ok if you drink in one sitting The flavor of diet Pepsi is good when you initially open the can/bottle. I don't always drink the whole thing right away, so the one thing I don't like about diet Pepsi is that it loses its carbonation quickly and goes flat before I finish my glass. Otherwise, is a great no sugar/calorie option.

Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi is my favorite soda. Just has a nice refreshing taste and doesn't taste like a diet soda