Pepsi Diet Pepsi

Pepsi Diet Pepsi

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When working I always take a diet Pepsi for the caffeine boost without the added calories. I've never had an issue with the taste.

Diet Beverage The good thing about Diet Pepsi is that you get to drink your favorite beverage but with less sugar and calories. A viable option for diet conscious people.

Diet Pepsi is the only diet pop I like. Have definitely recommend this to friends and family who are thinking about switching to diet.

Diet Pepsi is my go to soda of choice now that I have diabetes. Aspartame is really bad for you, I was so happy when Pepsi decided to stop making their Diet Pepsi with Aspartame, now I can enjoy soda again :)

Dt Pepsi is my soda of choice. As regular Pepsi is good Dt Pepsi does not have the calories. I love the taste and have one can or more daily.

Diet Pepsi is an excellent soda. With no calories it is refreshing and guilt free!

Pepsi over Coke, Period! I use to be the biggest Diet Mt Dew drinker around but I we the past two years I have changed that to Diet Pepsi, the taste is so much better than coke it is not so syrupy!

I am confessing my sin of drink Diet Pepsi. Sure I cheat and drink Diet Coke when they are out of stock. But whats a girl to do. I just settle for second best some times.

I really liked this product even though I did not think I would. I started drinking this when my brother started only buying this and bringing home to drink, so it was either drink this or water so I gave this a try and to my amazement I really liked this.

I love diet pepsi! Way better then diet coke and the wild cherry pepsi is great as well.

Great I have changed to Diet Pepsi from Coke Zero. Diet Pepsi has a cleaner more refreshing taste. I love it!

Diet Pepsi for the win! I absolutely love Diet Pepsi, been drinking it for a couple years now. The taste when it's ice cold is amazing!

Nothing like Diet Pepsi Much prefer Diet Pepsi over other colas. I find it just sweet enough, without that artificial taste.

One of my faves for Diet Colas! One of my faves, I drink lots of Diet cola and have over the years. I like the taste, not too overwhelming but quenches my thirst.

my go to diet soda Diet Pepsi is the diet cola that I like, I dont drink it much but if it's in the fountain I'll probably get it.