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  • Hbrackett4 By  Hbrackett4    

    All free sample size

    For the price its not bad but I found that I kept repeatedly getting items I wasn't interested in and I hardly ever got a full size product unless it was a makeup brush that I specified I didn't want. After a year I went to boxycharm for $10 more a month for all full size products.

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  • shumardizzle By  shumardizzle    

    I?m a big fan of Ipsy. For $10 and some change you get a cute little bag and 4-5 products. You can personalize the shades and products you?ll receive

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  • Cyn2013 By  Cyn2013    

    Love love love!!! I?m never disappointed with the products I receive.

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  • Nicoleslayer By  Nicoleslayer    

    Bad experience

    I was so excited to get Ipsy. I wanted to be able to test out products that I couldn't afford to buy just to find out I didn't like them. For $10 you get 4-5 product samples with an ipsy bag each month. But after receiving my first few bags I was highly disappointed. The things they sent were far off from the account they have you fill out to find out your preferences. I went back in to make sure I had the products I wanted selected and not selected for things I didn't want to try. But month after month I would get things I didn't want like nail polish or lip gloss. Other people were getting eye shadows and eyeliners but I continued to get those other things even after contacting Ipsy. I also got products that were damaged and multiples of items over the time I had Ipsy. I eventually cancelled. I think other subscription boxes that are a little more expensive are better and worth the extra money.

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  • songbirdsings By  songbirdsings    

    great subscription

    I really liked Ipsy..the products are great and I always loved getting a new and different make up bag each month..the only downside is things started piling up and I had to suspend service because I had so much stuff..but it is worth the monthly price..I would highly recommend this subscription.

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  • Butbonsler By  Butbonsler    

    Ipsy girl for life

    I LOVE IPSY!! It's honestly my fav mailer! I've personally never had in issue with them in my 4 years of having the subscription. If something comes damaged or not at all they have always been very quick to rectify the issue.

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  • rhishea By  rhishea    

    My fav subscription box!

    I signed up for ipsy back in July; I figured I would try it once and see if I liked it. Well, I definitely liked it... I LOVE it. Your subscription is only $10, and it comes with 5 samples based on your skin tone/what you'd prefer to receive, and it has free shipping. Out of all of the products I received, I don't use one of them because it was a liquid lipstick that was too light for me. However, with 5 name-brand products for only $10, it's a great deal! And by name-brand, I mean Tarte, First Aid Beauty, Nomad Cosmetics, OFRA Cosmetics, and MUCH more.

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  • Bae912 By  Bae912    

    ipsy is a very unique way to receive beauty products each month for only 10 dollars . its like opening up a Christmas present each month.

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  • lunarrain13 By  lunarrain13    

    As a Make up Dork, This is one of my favorite subscriptions. I love the little bags they come with and each month I get Products that are well worth the $10 bucks a month.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Love Ips. This is the best deal around anywear, and there is always at least one full size product that would cost more than $10 on its own. #ILovsIpsy

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  • stephanie10 By  stephanie10    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have been a valued customer for almost a year and I have never received anything I didn't like. I do however share sometimes and give an item or two to my teen daughter. As of earlier this week I purchased her, her very own subscription. They are very friendly and quick to reply to emails when I've had questions. Great company! Great samples! Cute bags! Best deal around. :)

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  • Jeanette85 By  Jeanette85    

    I love ipsy! I switched from birchbox after I kept receving lotion samples and wanted to try more makeup. They send the same 4-5 beauty - mostly full size or a generous deluxe size. This upcoming March is great - full size lipstick, deluxe eye shadows, a facial cleanser, hair oil and a concealer. I can't wait. I like the themes and love the bags that come with it. I used them to organize my makeups and pack for vacations. The community with ipsy is a little funny, more catty than birchbox was but it is not required to participate. I do recommend ipsy over others.

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  • tracybpittman By  tracybpittman    

    Like that for $10 a month I get to try new and different products. I have discovered a lot of favorites through Ipsy.

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  • nicolesister By  nicolesister    

    for $10 a month.you get try product you never heard before. you get chance to talk with other people and see what they think about whatever product that you received in your bag. so to me I believe that you get more value for $10 than any other subscription you would subscribe too. There subscription that are $20 $30 35 and Up. You also learn from other subscribers on how to apply makeup from beginners level to professional. I gave ipsy four tubs up.

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  • kwierman By  kwierman    

    For the $10 a month that I pay for my Ipsy subscription I can't complain! Most months I receive products that I would NEVER purchase but end up loving them! I have discovered numerous new products through Ipsy that will now be a makeup staple!

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