Sargento String Cheese

Sargento String Cheese

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Love the brand but I like the deli thin slices opposed to the string cheese

String Cheese is the jam. Sargento is tasty and low calorie. You can't go wrong!

Having recently lost a significant amount of weight, my diet is protein-based. I have these cheese sticks in my refrigerator at all times and carry a cheese stick in my purse for on the go, healthy snack.

Love string cheese. Expensive but good

This is excellent cheese but it is a bit over priced . I would buy it again though

Having two active children in the home makes Sargento cheese snack size just right. It can be used in a lunch, on the go or as a smack at home. The Colby cheese is great.

Tastes great! I love the reduced fat and reduced sodium string cheeses. They make the perfect snack!

Cheese is delicious but Sargento is one of the best brands I've found. I do have to agree with a previous comment and say it is a bit expensive

My family loves cheese, and Sargento is one of our favorite brands. My only problem is the price. I would buy it more often if it was even just slightly cheaper.

Love this product!!! I love cheese and Im pretty picky about what cheese I eat and this cheese for sure passes

Wish they put more in the packet because they are so good!!

I like buying the light string cheese version because it's far fewer calories. I've found it to be the best string cheese for weight loss in terms of calorie count. However, I wish it peeled a bit better. It often breaks off which can be frustrating. The flavor is mild but nice. It's definitely better at peeling when it's very cold, so make sure it's been in the fridge for awhile once you eat.

Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks are great! They're not overly oily or mushy like some cheese snacks, the taste is supremely satisfying (not bland!), and the sticks varieties (as opposed to the string cheese) can easily be cut into near-perfect cubes or squares to be added to salads for tasty alternative to shredded cheese.

consistently great cheese. Just used the swiss on out homemade ruebens. the muenster is my favorite. the price isnt to bad either.

Our son has these as a snack a few times a week and LOVES them. I just wish they weren't so expensive! I will say that they taste better than store brand and don't seem to get soggy as fast.