Sargento String Cheese

Sargento String Cheese

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These are good to eat by them self and also good in other stuff. I have rolled them in biscuits with pepperoni inside and everyone loved them for a snack. Very good cheesy flavor.

Grab and go These are so handy to grab and go. They taste great.

I like buying the light string cheese version because it's far fewer calories. I've found it to be the best string cheese for weight loss in terms of calorie count. However, I wish it peeled a bit better. It often breaks off which can be frustrating. The flavor is mild but nice. It's definitely better at peeling when it's very cold, so make sure it's been in the fridge for awhile once you eat.

Great snack! Great snack for kids! Tastes great and healthy, too :)

Great snack for me and my kids I really like having these in the house. Super convenient. A nice break from the carb or sugary snacks we usually eat. Plus, this cheese tastes like real, quality cheese (unlike some other cheese sticks, which taste artificial).

Sargento cheese Sargento has really good cheese - really like the Coby Jack. Good on everything.

Sargent Cheese Review My favorite kind of string cheese and go to snack! It is so delicious, especially if I am hungry at night and I want a snack that is light and low in calories.

Sargento cheese, you will love!!! All the flavors are so fresh...perfect to snack cook grab and go. Perfect if you have small children they can grab the Sargento String Cheese by themselves when they want a snack and its healthy.

This is excellent cheese but it is a bit over priced . I would buy it again though

A healthy snack that I can throw in my purse and go. Love it!

This cheese is not only delicious but it makes for a great healthy snack

My son love Colby jack, these make great snacks or an addition to his lunch

I love the freshness of this brand, great taste and texture!

Having two active children in the home makes Sargento cheese snack size just right. It can be used in a lunch, on the go or as a smack at home. The Colby cheese is great.

Best String Cheese ! Other string cheeses are really salty and I hate that. Glad I found a new cheese that I can enjoy at any time and is good to my kids.