Thomas the tank engine wooden Thomas trains

Thomas the tank engine wooden Thomas trains

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Beloved By All Four Children My firstborn loved Thomas the Tank Engine toys and so did I as a mom. The movies were engaging and contained excellent life lessons. It could keep my 2 & 3 year olds occupied long enough for me to prep a meal. The toys were great for many ages. As they grew, and our family grew more pieces were added. Every child, boy or girl enjoyed the movies and playing with the wooden toys. The older they got, the more elaborate and creative the tracks got. By child number 4 they zig zagged the living room tunneling under furniture!

i love it my kids love toys including this would love to try some we will give great reviews i have 3 kids

Thomas and the train is a great toy for boys or girls and they provide them with creative play options, the wooden ones although more expensive there quality is great, they roll and move easily as well.

Best toy for toddlers! My son got into these at 1yo and still plays with them at 4yo. Great investment!

Fun to play with My son loves Thomas the train. These trains are perfect for him. They last so much longer than the metal trains do.

My son is really into thomas the train and he has several of these and they have held up very well to his rough play

I don't know one child that has not enjoyed playing with the Thomas the Train series of toys. My son still has his. I have put them away to pass them on to his children one day. My nephew has several and the girls in the family also play with the trains. They are fun for everyone.

Bought my grandson a bunch of Thomas trains for his 3rd birthday. What a wonderful gift for him and his Daddy to share and enjoy. These little trains will last a lifetime!

These are so great (but can hurt when they're stepped on)! I love that they fit on generic train tracks also so you don't need to purchase new tracks if you already have some at home.

LOVE these! We try to get away from electronic toys as much as possible, these are great for that. They are fun, interactive and make them use their imagination! I love that they are sturdy, you can add to the set without having to find specifics like with other train sets.

Both of my boys love trains, so this was one of the first "big boy" toys they were given. I love them because they are not very loud when the kids play with them on the tile floors (as opposed to plastic trains) and they don't fall apart so even my youngest, who is going through the phase where most toys seem toy find their way into his mouth, can safely play with them. I do wish they were slightly less expensive, though.

I LOVE THESE!!! My son is a huge fan of Thomas and we recently purchased a few trains fro,m a consignment sale and he loves them! These trains are expensive new however so we mostly get him ones that have either been given as gifts or ones that we find at secondhand retailers. I love how he has learned to connect the trains and will now even put little cars in the train line he makes! We love the new shows where Thomas is animated but my son doesn't like the old Thomas shows where Thomas' eyes are the only thing that move. Talk about creepy!

I wish they weren't so pricey but my son is obsessed with Thomas. Our whole family loves the shows!

My son has so much fun with these! He is just starting to show interest in the tracks. A family member gave my son a train table and he has a blast! He likes to connect the different trains to each other and move them around. The Thomas birthday train is really cute,

My son loves them. We don't watch the show or buy anything else except the trains and the train tracks and we even have the table! The only thing they are about $15 for one! Yikes! So I try to buy them at resale stores or garage sales. It's so fun to watch the gears turn in his head while he builds the tracks and no 2 ways are ever the same. Worth it!