Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow Mateys

Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow Mateys

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No taste! Awful generic. Didn't even finish the box!

I bought a bag of these for my son once and he wouldn't eat them. He took one bite, spit it our, and asked for any apple. Not surprising, this stuff tastes like dry cat food.

My grandson loves these ! He thinks they are the real Lucky Charms! He thinks they are magically delicious! I love them too! Huge bag!

Matey's just aren't Lucky Charms Marshmellow matey's try really really hard to be Lucky Charms but they just don't make the cut for me and my family. I am usually all for saving money and getting the generic brand but apart from the sugar in the marshmellows, the rest taste like cardboard. Not a cereal we would get again.

Great Deal A great substitute for name brand versions. It is priced really well too. It has a ton of sugar in it so I tend to stay away. On a budget, how everyone, the price and size is hard to beat. At least it tastes pretty good and not terrible.

My son runs right to it! My 10 year old feels so grown up when we allow him to select a cerial all on his own, and every single time he chooses these! Good thing everyone likes them!

I don't like these but my kids do In my honest opinion cereal with marshmallows is super gross, but my kids LOVE this cereal and I love the fact that it is just as nutritious as the name brand stuff at about half the price....and they don't know the difference.

Matey's Marshmallow Matey's are pretty good. These are my family's after dinner snack or dessert. When ever we need something sweet this is the choice we go to. They are like an addiction or a emotional comfort food. It is better than the name brand Lucky Charms because there is no magic involved. It has a good ratio of marshmallows to cereal pieces. It probably isn't the most nutritious because it still has the colors and sugar but you kind of know that going into it with the name starting with Marshmallow.

i buy this cereal for my kids and they absolutely love it and its inexpensive won't hurt your budget. tastes just like lucky charms.

This product may not be the original Lucky Charms cereal, but it is cheap and in the budget. You also get more for what you pay for! It does compare to the Lucky Charms cereal brand. Not as sweet and sugary, but is an excellent option for those on a budget!

Tastes good Good price/quality ratio. I don't notice too much of a difference between these cereals and the similar name brand ones. It's a little too sweet for my tastes, but sometimes I'll mix it with Cheerios or a similar cereal.

Great taste I like these Marshmallow Mateys as much as the name brand . They cost less and tastes just as good.

Great Value This is a great item to buy for large families or just if you tend to eat a lot of cereal. They taste just as good as the name brand version. My children will definitely recommend these cereal.

my favorite i love eating all the marshmallows.,,, i could eat these all day long even with out milk =] i dont like to share

Great value. Excellent value. My kids love them. I go through tons of cereal at my house and it can get really expensive. These taste just like the name brand but the cost is much less.