Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow Mateys

Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow Mateys

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my favorite i love eating all the marshmallows.,,, i could eat these all day long even with out milk =] i dont like to share

Taste Like the Name Brand, and Costs LESS If I had a quarter for every bag that I've bought over the years...I'd have a whole heck of a lot of quarters! Raising 10 kids meant we had to really stretch a dollar. Malt-O-Meal cereals taste like their "name brand" counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. My kids loved the Marshmallow Mateys the best.

I love lucky charms i eat it before school. Its the best would definitely recommend.

I love lucky charms i eat it before school. Its the best would definitely recommend.

I love lucky charms i eat it before school. Its the best would definitely recommend.

My husband loves Lucky Charms Cereal. One day I was at the market by by self and saw Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow. I thought its a lot cheaper then the brand cereal but would he know the difference. I bought both cereals. Got home put the cereals in different plastic containers. I marked the brand name with an X on the bottom of the plastic container. First container (with the X) he ate half of it didn't finish. The second container was gone in three nights. I told him about my experiment and he was shocked. My husband informed me the first container tasted stale but the second container was fresh. I told him that's great saves us about $2.50 on cereal. My Jack Russell Terrior give it 2 paws up also.

Great value. Excellent value. My kids love them. I go through tons of cereal at my house and it can get really expensive. These taste just like the name brand but the cost is much less.

We buy these when we can't get Luck Charms on sale. Will sometimes buy& put into the empty Luck Charms box, kids can't tell a difference& it saves money!

Just as good if not better Tastes just as good as the real lucky charms if not better! I think there is more marshmallows in the bag too! can't beat the price you get a big back for half the price of the box. Plus your supporting the lesser packaging idea not having the box and plastic on the cereal.

My kids and I love these. The price is affordable and the taste is great!

Very well priced cereal! I prefer it over Lucky Charms any day, the cereal is more crunchy and there are more marshmallows.

My kids and I both love these! They taste just as good as lucky charms, plus you get more for what you paid!

Personally I like these more then Lucky Charms. And my children love them. Bonus they are soooo much cheaper.

this is a common product on the kitchen table awesome

These are awesome because they are cheap and they are way better than Lucky Charms, and you could probably fit in the bag when it's empty because it's so big! These rock!