Lysol Power and Free

Lysol Power and Free

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I typically love Lysol products but I can't stand the smell of this one. Otherwise decent product for cleaning.

Good But Could Be Better This cleaner works pretty well. However, it doesn't deep clean very well. I still have to do some scrubbing with it. The price is good so the value for the price is good. I wouldn't suggest it if you have some deeper cleaning to do.

This product is a life saver. I use every day to keep those pesky germs and soap scum away!

awesome cleaned my tub very well. sparkling clean and white

this is my go to product to use when I need to get cleaning done

this is the only cleaning product i makes my house look and smell good. best product by far.

I've used this at work & I actually like the smell! It definitely serves its purpose!

Wonderful product! I use it in every room in the house and it gets everything as clean as they claim it does. Light fresh scent. Very affordable.

I LOVE this stuff. I have autistic twins that went through an obsession with poop. Yes I know that's discusting. However, you don't want to clean it up with bleach because of the ammonia in urine, this peroxide based cleaner works so good and made ,y house smell as clean as a hospital.

This is a good product and cleans pretty good. Although I don't care for the smell.

Cleans well and has a pleasant scent! It sprays out evenly... overall, great product!

Love love love it! I always use this. Great product for cleaning and at a pretty decent price.

Definitely gets the job done without the harsh smell! I love this product!

Wonderful product. It does what it says it does. I love that it doesn't have all of the harsh chemicals as the other popular products do. Has a nice fragrance to it. It doesn't irritate your nose, eyes or throat when spraying it.

As a mother of a preemie I am always cleaning around the house since I have 3 other children as well and love to use Lysol and love that this one has a pleasant smell.