Disney The Great and Powerful Oz

Disney The Great and Powerful Oz

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This is the first movie that my 5 year old sat all the way through. She loved the story, and the vibrant colors in the movie were amazing. I have always loved anything Wizard of Oz so I'm really happy that my kids love this movie. Its a good movie. Thanks Disney!

This is a great movie. Casting is excellent and the story of how Oz came to be is spot on.

loved it full of suprises

Great classic turned into an interesting and intisive twist. My toddler loved it and was nice to be able to enjoy a movie we both could watch and not expect what the movies plot turns into.

me and my husband love that movie we enjoy everytime we watch , the scene when they change to black and white to the colorfull is amazing , we love the movie

I love the original wizard of oz. This movie really brings to life the life of the witches with a twist in the plot . You could not ask for a better sequel to the original. All the actors did a amazing job !

I love this movie it makes things so much clearer on why the witch was so mad wow I hope there is another movie I like the way it started and how it ended it left you wanting more

I greatly enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a very interesting and different take on things. It was entertaining and I actually liked it more than the original Wizard of Oz.

Great animation! Acting was good could be better though. Costumes we're awesome. I wouldn't buy it though but might watch if it's on tv.

Cute movie. Kids liked it but didn't love it. It was very dark.

it was a good movie just because i was never really familiar with the story line. i think it could have been depicted better though.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie espeically after hearing some negative critic reviews. This is NOT the same old Wizard of Oz. This is a prequel to the original and I like how they give you a backstory to the movie we all know and love. It made me want to rent the original

Ok. For those who with children that are slightly hyperactive, this is quite the film. For me personally, I was almost offended by the love triangle. I was rooting for the witch.

I enjoyed this movie for the creativity and the twist it brought on the original. One reason I prefer this movie to the original is that it does not have all the long songs in it.

I have a four year old who loves this movie! He literally makes me watch it every day! I think it's a pretty good movie and they make OZ look so beautiful! I personally like the first "Wizard Of Oz" way more but this movie has a great modern twist to OZ!