CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation

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I was so excited to try this out, and was super bummed with it. I tried it once and took it right back to the store. It's too heavy and oily. Will not try again.

I didnt like this product for made my pores appear larger and settled into my fine lines.i bought it on sale buy 1 get 1 half off type deal..gave is to my teenage daughter and its great for not so much.

I didnt like this product for made my pores appear larger and settled into my fine lines.i bought it on sale buy 1 get 1 half off type deal..gave is to my teenage daughter and its great for not so much.

I have no idea why everyone raves about this foundation. It applies blotchy, and really brings out your pores. I used different types of primers, and even that didn't help when applying this product. It also is a hard color to match. I guess that's the SPF in the foundation. I didn't like this at all.

Although I have tried it with multiple different primers, from low to high end, this product does not work. It looks cakey and clings to all my dry spots and pores. I do have very dry skin, so this is a frequent problem. Also, this product is marketed as a primer, it is not.

I haven't liked any of the covergirl foundations I have tried, liquid or powder. Too chalky and doesn't go on smooth. I have a different skin tone and undertone and haven't been able to find an exact match.

It's ok. Don't like the texture and spreadability. I still feel like I need foundation on top of this for full coverage.

I loved most of what it did, but the only thing I didn't like and convinced me to return it and never by it again was that it oxidized on me. It's a shame because it does wonders. I hope they fix that,

This is not for people with dry skin. I have normal to dry skin and when I used this it just looked so cakey and chalky I had to get rid of it. I gave it to my sister and she could not get it to work for her either.

This is for people who have dry skin. I like the coverage that it gave. But if I put too much on, I looked very powdery and just way too matte. I will use it as a concealer and whenever I do want that extremely made up look.

I have a love/hate relationship with this foundation. The coverage is wonderful. The finish is perfect. And it is long lasting. BUT -- it oxidizes on my skin and makes me orange. And does not control the oil in my skin whatsoever. I really want to love this stuff because of the latter but I can't deal with being orange and oily. Throughout the day the oil tends to separate the makeup from my skin on the worst possible places (places where I have a blemish)! I gave this foundation multiple chances but it keeps breaking my heart. I've given up wearing it and experimenting with it.

Very light coverage. Great for every day use but not too good on actually covering blemishes.

I actually really liked this product. Because I am a teenager I do break out often....and I have oily skin...yay. This makes it hard for me to find a good foundation. I don't want to put on a concealer then a foundation and a powder to cover up the shine. That's too much makeup on my face and I definitely don't want to look "cakey". I find that this foundation lives up to its name. It conceals well and doesn't make your face shiny. However I usually put powder on top because it didn't cover up some blemishes. However if you don't have bad skin then this is perfect for you. I have it in the shade ivory and classic ivory I like it !

Good foundation, that cuts my time by being 3 products in one. However I find it challenging finding a shade that match me very close, I did end up with a very close color but it took me a few shopping trips to achieve that. I live the consistency, the coverage it full, and the finish is very close to matte. I have normal/combo skin and it did good, but in my dry patches it cling a little bit. If you have regular skin, this might perform a little bit better for you.

This was the first Covergirl foundation I tried. My skin is combination, and I was hoping this would give me just enough coverage and the perfect finish. I like the consistency of the foundation, but I found that it was hard to blend once on the skin. It was a little too matte for me. Although this product dud not work for me, I could see other people loving it. Also, I did wear it for a day (over 10 hours) and my face was still matte and my makeup had not budged. I did set it with a powder, though.