CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation

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ABSULOTELY LOVE IT! The full coverage of it is amazing. It lasts all day. Does not look cakey whatsoever. Blends great with other products for a glam look. Or it can be all on its own for a flawless natural daytime look.

This has quickly become one of my holy grail foundations. Its perfect and actually came in a shade fair enough for me which is a rarity. Great coverage, and easy to blend. I was happily surprised after trying this out.

I love this. It works all day. Makes my skin feel soft. I is also very full coverage. I do not feel the need to wear conceler with this product.

So far this has been my go to foundation. It isn't too expensive and it goes on great. I get real picky about how my foundation looks going on so with this one I will keep using it.

I tried it and love it. It goes in my skin very easily and absorbs easily. no chalky.

My favorite

This foundation is actually my favorite keeps your skin oil free through out the day and has very good coverage

Its a great foundation for oily skin, it cover very well

I loveee this foundation!! I purchased this foundation after listening to one of my favorite youtubers raving over this item! Haha! I am so glad I did. I have a normal/dry skin combination. It does cover up my blemishes very well and blends great with my skintone. Although, it does feel a little dry especially on my dry patches and around my nose. You could see it up close too. So... it's pretty good yet don't over do it because it'll look cakey for sure. Not even powder foundation can help tone it down.

This is one of my holy grail foundations. It has great coverage and lasts all day. I still use a primer and concealer even though states 3 in 1 but for a foundation I love it and works great with my combination skin.

This is product is definitely an everyday favorite for me. I have oily skin so it's hard finding a foundation that can last all day. I can wear this product for up to 9 hours before it starts to gradually fade.

This would have to be my favorite foundation. It's a great foundation and it makes my skin look amazing.

This foundations is perfect . Great coverage. I love

I received a coupon to redeem for a bottle of the New CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in return for my honest feedback. After reviewing the different colors that were available I selected the Natural Tan and felt this color would best match my face. When I returned home I immediately washed my face so that I could try my new foundation. After washing my face I applied L?Oreal's BB Cream and then L?Oreal's RevitaLift Miracle Blur. I opened the bottle of CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation because other foundation's I have used in the past didn't have the pump feature that this bottle has. I dabbed a little bit of foundation in several areas of my face and then blended it into my face first using my fingertips and then finishing with a sponge applicator paying close attention to under my eyes and around my jawbone making certain that it was blending well. I was impressed with how well it blended with my natural color and the matte finish it left my face with. The next day I was going on a 12 hour field trip with my son and his 2nd grade class. This would be the real test if this foundation could last a full 12 hours in sunny Florida, with the humidity, at an amusement park. I went through the same steps I had taken the day prior when applying the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation. I also applied my Mineral's loose powder that I normally wear, as well as a little bronzer on my cheeks and eye area and finished with clear gloss. Several hours into the field trip we all had stopped to take a bathroom break. I went to grab my powder out of my bag as a habit of needing to refresh my makeup during the day, but when I went to apply it I noticed I didn't need to and put it away. A couple of hours later, after lunch, I went to the rest room again. When I looked in the mirror the only thing missing was my gloss! I was very impressed, but still had my doubts. As the day went on it became very hot, it was the middle of April and it happened to be a very hot day. Although I was sweating from the heat my makeup was still withstanding the day. At the end of the day when I returned home and went to go wash my face I took a few minutes to stare at my reflection in amazement with the reality of the situation; my makeup looked almost identical to what it did when I applied it that morning. Not only did the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation prove to be all that is in its name by outlasting the day and staying fabulous but the bronzer I applied that morning was also nearly perfect. My bronzer has never made it a few hours into my day before which made it clear that the foundation was an excellent primer as well. I have now been using the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous for over 2 weeks and I am still amazed at the end of each day. I've also noticed that more and more I am leaving the makeup bag at home, because I don't need to refresh my face several times a day as I use to have to do. I can be confident that when I apply my makeup, it will outlast even me! Here are some Pros and Cons about the New CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation: Pros: It works well as a primer, making sure your other makeup stays on all day too It has an amazing matte finish It blends well with your natural skin color It stays where you apply it all day long for outlasting results Evens your skin tone, giving you a smooth look Cons: It didn't work well for me as a concealer on darker blemishes It dries quickly which may not be suitable for everyone It isn't very moisturizing for people with dry skin; but great for people with oily skin I would definitely recommend and have already recommended Covergirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation to friends, family, or anyone looking for an amazing matte finish foundation!

I'm not a fan of foundations as i always thought they felt and looked like mortuary puddy, but this product was different and i loved it. It truly does as promised, it covers and evens out the look of your skin without having to use multiple products, and it lasts all day even in warm weather. I like that it doesn't feel cakey or oily and leaves your skin looking great, I have even used it to just cover the dark circles under my eyes and the occasional pimple and it does a great job.