Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamin

Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamin

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I received a small sample of Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins from Smiley which I tried. I liked that they were different in shape and texture then the average vitamin. The smaller size made it easier to take. THEN I have realized that each serving has 25 calories and 4 grams of sugar! And you have to take 4 vitamins to equal one actual vitamin. That will get expensive. I will not be purchasing or using the Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins, I don't want extra calories or sugar in my vitamins!

I received my sample from smiley 360. They were a pretty color purple had a good candy like smell. It was like candy to me. Then like the above review i am always dieting and realized the calories and dosage that would have to be taken to equal most vitamins.. I really wasnt a happy camper after that. Maybe they would be good for kids and that would make the dosage less, but for an adult i really dont think it would be doable. Most things with sugar like that are not healthy as i have a child who has diabetes, I dont think i will be buying this one.

I am not a fan of these. They taste weird (plain and simple). I prefer gummies.

I had went and purchased this bottle a few months ago. It was alright. The flavor was great,They tasted like candy for the most part. They were not bad. I had energy to get through my day.

With the trend of vitamin companies making them appear more like candy, Centrum flavor bursts have succeeded in that! The coating tends to crack quickly, causing changes in flavor. These are good, but I prefer gummy vitamins when comparing flavor.

I got a sample of these in the mail and thought the tasted really good and just like the flavors listed on the bottle. My favorites are the reds and the grapes. They are an easy and tasty way of getting my vitamins for the day.

Who doesn't like a vitamin that tastes like candy?! Yum! Just make sure to practice self-control and only take the daily recommended amount, because you'll want to keep eating them LIKE candy!

I just finished up my samples I received for free from Smiley360 and I am very impressed. This multivitamin is very tasty and extremely easy to chew. Best part of these are they have great flavor and you do not need to take with water or food. The down part of these and the only thing I do not like is that you need to take 4 for a recommended dosage. So for a bottle of 120 for the price is quite expensive for a month of a vitamin. But if you are looking for a vitamin with a fruity taste and is very easy to chew I highly recommend these multivitamins.

I tasted the sample at Target store. It had a good favor and color. It would made a good gift for friends or family who had a kid.

I got some of these for free from a sample site and liked the way they tasted, so I bought another bottle at the store. They seemed to perk me up better than my usual morning coffee did, but I stopped taking them because they are a bit expensive. Plus they didn't contain iron, which is what I'm really needing!

Definitely a vitamin but tastes somewhat better than others I have tried. And the nutritional value is great. Only the best with centrum brand

The taste is great but it seems a little too much like candy to keep around kids

These are literally awesome. I thought they were great at first, and even when trying new vitamin brands afterwards, they still seemed just as awesome.

I received a free sample of the Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamin Chews in Grape Flavor in return for my honest feedback. I have always hated taking multivitamins because they are normally large pills and I notice I get terrible burps at times were I taste the vitamins all day long! From my past experiences I was hesitant to try these but because I am getting older and need to start taking more vitamins to help me from not catching all of the thing my kids bring home from school I figured it was worth a try. I'm so glad I did! The sample came with two grape flavored vitamins. I took them in the morning so that I could see if I had any stomach issues. When I took them I immediately loved that they were chewy like candy. They also were sweet and the grape flavor reminded me of a grape skittle but a little bit chewier. Although they were chewy it was too chewy and didn't take long to break them down enough to swallow them. Hours into the day I did even remember that I had taken them which was pleasant being my past experiences with multivitamins made sure to remind me that I had taken them for hours! I was continued on with my day with a smile. Before I knew it bed time came and I couldn't believe that I still had no stomach problems at all! No nausea, stomach ache, burps, nothing! I have tried many different brands of multivitamins and have never had a good experience. I never thought I would be able to take normal multivitamins. Even when I was pregnant the only vitamins I was able to handle were children's chewable vitamins. Since my experience with Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamins I have purchased a bottle and started taking them daily. I have been taking them for a couple of days and I am still having nothing but great results. I have also recommended my husband to take them and he enjoys them as well. I am very happy that I was able to find a multivitamin that my body could handle taking on a daily basis. I have recommended many people to try them as well and I have also posted this information on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am so excited to let others know and hopefully I will be able to help someone else become healthier that was in the same situation as I was in. I will continue to pass my word of mouth along as well.

Received a sample of these and I really like them, taste is great! Only problem is that I wanna eat more than one! Great product, thanks Centrum!!