Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

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Ok product, not to fond of the smell

My son LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this. Oh mom feel my skin smell it it smells good. He's 14 and is getting into smelling good (we all know it's the girls. NO GIRLFRIENDS though too young). Ok back to the Gillette, he liked it so much he asked for more. My husband has sensitive skin so he hasn't tried it yet. We'll see if he does and how he likes it but in the 14 yr old boy age range it's a winner.

My son and husband used this once, and only once. This was based on the general consensus that it smell like floor cleaner. I tried it myself just to be a true tester, I feel it does a great job of cleansing and feeling moisturized and not stripped of my own moisture, however yes the scent is not something I enjoyed.

This product smelled great but the smell wasn't strong enough.

Smells good in the bottle but could not smell it out of the shower

My husband has dry skin and this works great and smells good.

Smells refreshing. It does get you clean, but the only problem I have is it leaves behind a greasy film.

I bought this for my husband and son. My husband wasn't a big fan because he has very sensitive skin. Our son however, really liked it. He loved the way it smelled mostly

My husband likes this body wash. They have great scents for it as well.

Husband likes it as much as his dove men's wash, smells good.

My boyfriend loves the scent of the body wash. However, he says it is too watery.

my husband was super excited to see this product. he rarely gets to be in on my "projects" haha always seems to be products for me and my son. he also never seems to get anything for himself. he is used to using our girly fruity flower smelling body washes, yet he no longer complains. he was very pleased with both the scent and lather of this product. and i think it made him feel special and appreciated.

My husband did not like the smell. I think it is ok, and my 5 and 6 year old boys like it, but I won't be purchasing it for them :). It seems to do the job ok, so I would recommend it if someone likes the smell.

My husband and son both like this body wash for the smell. They also say that their skin doesn't feel dried out like with some body washes.

Nice scent, my husband and son both liked it. Neither one of them are too picky about their bath products though. :)