Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

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My husband has been using the Gillette Hydrator Body Wash for a while now. He loves it and I do it. The scent is great and lathers very well.

My hubby loves this body wash and I love the way he smells fresh out of the shower!

My husband really liked it and I love the smell too :)

OMG my husband cannot live without this body wash! He's tried others but all pale in comparison!

My husband and I love this so much! It smells wonderful and it's so smooth so his skin feels just soft enough for a man ;)

smelled very good and long lasting

I received this product and gave it to my son to use. He loves it and asked me if we could buy more when he runs out! Of course we can! Thanks! Great product. I love the scent too. Not overpowering!

Pros: 1.My husband just used up his other sample bottle that came with his shampoo, so it was nice to replace it for free! 2.It smells really clean, yet manly. 3. A little bit goes a LONG way?R used his last bottle for about a month & a half before running out & it was the sample size. 4. R?s extremely sensitive skin does not react to it. 5. It is affordable especially if you can get a coupon of of the brandSAVER coupon booklet. Cons: None according to my husband. Verdict: I have purchased & will continue to purchase.

Great smell! Not too overpowering. Makes skin feel soft.

Hubby rarely gets manly body wash. He was super excited to be in on the review. He used this for a few days so far and he already put it on the list. He will not go back to using female body wash. He has found the one for him and plans to keep using this!

My husband and son both like this body wash. I think they were tired of all the girls smelling wash. Very nice clean smell!

Loved the smell of this body wash. I gave it to my son to use and will admit that I have used it too because I love the manly smell.

It's a hit! Although my teenager prefers body washes, my husband and I like soap so this is a product I hadn't thought of trying previous to getting it in my package. Now? It's on the list to purchase. My husband came out to the kitchen one night after he had showered and said, "Smell me!" LOL. He really liked the scent and felt clean. I liked how he smelled with it and saw it's not too high priced at our typical retail store so I told him I'd go ahead and buy it from now on. I guess that is a big thumbs up P&G!

My husband loves this stuff! I bought several body washes prior to getting this and they have been abandoned because my husband can't stop using it.

I can not review this for myself but My husband really likes this body wash. He likes the smell of it and it doesnt bother his skin. It lathers nicely and left him feeling clean.