JustFab Shoe Subscription

JustFab Shoe Subscription

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Talk about amazing for the price you pay!

Love their shoes especiqlly their fall boots im ordering some high knee black ones!

they have beautiful shoes.

I have gotten quite a few pairs of shoes from JustFab. They are good quality and fairly priced. I love their Collections because they change them up every once in awhile to add new stuff. They usually have a great variety too. I have gotten heels, boots, and flats from them. The subscription part always throws me off a little but if you can remember to skip the months you dont have the funds then everything else is great!

I used the JustFab subscription for a couple of years and enjoyed it. I was a little confused in the beginning on how it worked, but later figured it all out. They shoes are high quality, and very affordable. They also offer bonuses once in a while.

They have good collection and a good offers 2

Great shoe site. It has so many shoes you can choose from. They customize a shoe room based on the questions you answer.

The products I have ordered are good quality and the prices are ecent. I hesitate to give it 5 stars only because of the hassle of the subscription aspect. You have to "skip" by the 5th of the month or you will get charged and you have to call to cancel, there is no option to unsubscribe via email or online.

I like the shoes but I don't like how you have to sign up for automatic shoes to be pick out by a professional and they mail them to you each month. I bought one pair and did not like the most of the other selections so I cancelled my account. Good idea but not for me personally.

I recently had to buy 4 pairs of shoes from JustFab. I wasn't fully aware that with my first purchase I was going to be a member of a monthly shoe subscription. Don't get me wrong the first purchase of boots that I ordered were great and the quality was surprisingly good. I just don't like the way the membership is slipped in on you. I didn't notice that I was a member until my checking account was charged $160. None the less, I do love shoes and the ones that I ordered are very cute, of course. If you are looking for a monthly shoe subscription then this may be the one for you. It's hard for me to say I would recommend this to a friend, it would be yes.However, I would just preface it with the fact that it's a monthly charge after your first purchase. So be aware

I have purchased from just fab, they have great heels quality. I just didn't like the monthly subscription. if you don't cancel by the 5th of every month you get charged to your credit card. that was the only reason why I stopped using just fab.

I signed up for this recently but haven't bought anything from them yet and after reading the review from hipmommychick I won't! That is ridiculous and I noticed that it doesn't tell you any where that you will be charged that much!