Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

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No orange please I am not too happy with this product. I bought it in hopes that it would help reduce the size of my pores a little bit. It did not help with that problem at all & it gave me like the orange tint. I do not like for my makeup to show lines. I try to use makeup that just blends with my skin tone.

BB Cream This is a solid bb cream from the drugstore. It is affordable and has decent coverage for the price. However, the shades are very limited, but with bb creams, they usually blend to your skintone due to lack of pigmentation. The product is very light and moisturizing. SPF is also a benefit!

Love this BB Cream This and the regular BB Cream are my everyday use items!! I don't like a thick foundation feeling on my skin just enough to correct uneven colors and what not, I use the bronze mixed with the Regular BB Cream and it lasts all day. Gives a nice natural appearance on my skin. No it isn't made to fully cover everything but great for a simple look which I like!!

Looks great at the beginning but if you have oily skin and not set it will look very ugly. It separates around the nose.

This is a nice BB cream, but I have definitely tried better. The coverage is decent, but it does get oily/shiny. I would definitely set this with a powder. It does go on light and it is easy to forget its there.

I'm a huge BB cream fan, but this is definitely not my favorite. Its a little on the oily side. I even have pretty normal-dry skin and found this a bit too oily for me.

I like this BB cream. It goes on very evenly and blurs lines and makes skin look great. It is hard to find a color that matches my skin color.

I have really oily skin and it is hard for me to find some product that does not make my skin shiny and greasy. This product was OK, but only when I used powder to set it or used some oil blotting paper during the day. The coverage is light, which is good because it looks natural.

really like this BB cream. Looks natural, provides a little coverage- will not take the place of a foundation! and looks good on skin. Color is close to my true tone, and is easy to throw on before running out of the house. Cant remember if there is spf in this or not, but i think there may not be, which is not preferable for me

This is a fairly good BB cream. Compared to Asian BB creams it's more like a tinted moisturizer, but it does provide ok coverage and is good for lazy days. I have the shade medium, but before that I had light. I feel that the light gave more coverage than the medium.

this is an ok product, I think it wasn't best for me because I have very acne-prone skin. It made me oily and shiny by the end of a day of wearing it. I did like the coverage, as it wasn't too sheer like many other BB creams.

I love it, its not expensive, it blends with my skin very well and most importantly the have my tone

I use this product all year round. I love that is has sunscreen and doesn't make your skin feel greasy

I used this product for 6 months, and it was okay I would not re purchase, but if your in dire need of makeup for a temporary situation I would recommend this, its easy to find your shade and the price is good. I will say this product made me extremely oily, it separated after a couple hours and the ingriedient used to illuminate the skin made me appear gray after while and and you could see it sitting on top of the skin.. It didn't break me out which was nice.

I wanted to try something a little lighter than foundation this summer and decided to try this product. When I first applied it I absolutely loved the way it brightened up my skin but it left my skin feeling greasy and slick even after setting it with a powder and just made my face feel gross. I gave it to my mom to try and she absolutely loves it but she also has dry skin so maybe it is better suited towards people with dryer skin types.