Isaac Marion Warm Bodies

Isaac Marion Warm Bodies

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DNF I did not finish this book! I wanted to like it and I went into it with high expectations but as I kept reading I couldn't help but feel like it was a bit corny. The story just felt too unrealistic, which I know it's about zombies so it's not super realistic anyway, but I believe that no matter what the setting or characters if the book is a romance novel, the romance will trump all the other minor details and suck the reader in. Unfortunately I didn't feel sucked in. I kept waiting to get into it but I never really did. This book just wasn't for me but I know that there are many out there who really enjoyed and and enjoyed the movie.

It actually was tough going for me at first with this book because I was certain it was going to be a crummy romance novel. While there is definitely a theme of love involved--it's what makes R trudge along--it's not what the book is all about. I was a fan of the action, definitely, especially with the Boneys. Loved the comedy--it kept me entranced on a hazy, wintry night. But most of all, I loved this idea of new beginnings. R's voice is what struck me throughout. How it starts out and continues to evolve throughout the narrative as he begins to change. R is a character I rooted for whole-heartedly, and how could you not, considering he doesn't even have a heart? Give the poor guy a break! All of the characters were interesting in their own way, and I would actually have liked to have gotten to know them better. I suppose R will though, if he and this new world he has created will continue to expand...

I think this book is great!

This book was sappy, cheesy and corny. It is all of those, but it is also kind of beautiful. I love the way that R wants to change and actively seeks out that change. He is a well-rounded character as most of the characters in the book are. It has a sappy ending, but it's sweet. I enjoyed it. For a romance novel, it was surprisingly well-written and deep.

Warm Bodies I unexpectedly loved this book. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of zombies, but I legitimately loved this book. It is not for everyone, but I personally greatly appreciated the uniqueness of this book. I thought it was a great story with a very unique perspective and twist on zombies.