Aldi Supermarket

Aldi Supermarket

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Great Quality at Low Prices and then some I've become obsessed! This has become my go to grocery store and the new weekly items have me going every week. The prices are outstanding as is the quality. The candles OMG smell so good and only $3.99. They sell chicken fillets that taste just like Chick-fil-A in the air fryer. Love love Aldi.

Give Aldi a chance I do really find that I can save money shopping at Aldi. Bring your quarter so you can get your cart and bags to pack your groceries in. Many things are cheaper here than at Walmart. I really like the bags of salad and buy 2-4 at a time. I have also bought little potted plants here that are somehow still alive 4 months after purchasing them.

Good produce Aldi's carries affordable and fresh fruits and vegetables. I have never had an issue with rotten or an unfresh product. Their brand name of appliances and clothing are decent but do not last as long as name brand products. Their meats are good quality, though.

Great store, low prices I have recently more so falling in love with Aldi. They have so many good finds for reasonable prices.

I love Aldi. I grew up with them in Illinois, but they weren't in Jacksonville, FL, where I live now, until recently. I was thrilled to be able to go back to shopping at them! Their prices are great and 90% of the time their food is just as good as name brands. I love getting a dozen eggs for $1 and a gallon of milk for $2.49. (Prices vary by region.) Produce is usually good. I love their specialty cheeses. I've fallen victim to the Aisle of Tempting Randomness so many times as well! Minus 1* for less variety than most grocery stores and having to remember your own bags.

Ours is horrible here in NE Indiana, just horrible, The other discount supermarkets seem like a luxury quality stores compared to what they have at our local Aldi, bad meat, wilted produce, and really snotty and mean checkers, (except one person there is a sweet heart) but other than them it is so horrible, I avoid the place like the plague.

Fun place to shop LOVE LOVE ALDI! The prices are great and you never know what you will find there!

Staples and seasonal items are great at Aldi Aldi is a great place to buy staples and seasonal items. In particular their Specially Selected Vanilla ice cream is exceptional. The value of their products cannot be beat!

Great prices. I love how affordable this store is. I go here for my oils and grains that are much more expensive at other stores. It's a clean environment and eco friendly that they dont use bags.

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Shopping One of my favorite discount markets from Pom juice to produce. Unique products from Germany. Nice wine, cheese and chocolate selection. Veggie chips filled to top of bag.

Best Supermarket Best place for the cheapest best buy with great fresh produce you can't go wrong, also well organized and each store is almost the same. Also you can buy diapers cheap.

I absolutely love love Aldi! I go for staple type things that I usually bought from Walmart before we got an Aldi, and i realize I save over half of the cost!

good store I was really happy when I finally got an Aldi store because my mom had told me so much about it. They have lower prices on so many things I guess because there aren't very many name brand products. It's not a big store but they do have the essentials. You need to make sure that you have a quarter in order to get a basket, which you get back when you put it back, and you also have to bring your own bags or buy them which I like because they aren't using plastic bags

Love This is my favorite grocery store.It is a great place to get a cart load for 30 bucks.They are always very helpful and very speedy in the checkout lanes!

My favorite grocery store!!!! The products are super cheap and still great quality. I recommend Aldi to ALL my friends and coworkers.