Werthers Original Caramel Apple filled caramels

Werthers Original Caramel Apple filled caramels

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The caramel and apple was so delicious in every bite.

These are heavenly! I just recently won some Werther's goodies in a Facebook contest! Awesome company with a super yummy candy! The green apple twist ooo too dang good!

YOU CAN'T STOP ONCE YOU'VE STARTED! I usually buy two or three bags because i go through them pretty fast. lol

I got these for my father-in-law. He loves these candies and the whole pack was done in less than two months!!!

I love Werthers Originals and I love caramel apples so I thought I'd try the Werthers Original Caramel Apple filled caramels. I found them absolutely horrible. I gave the entire bag (minus the one I tried) to a friend who loved them. Such a disappointment, but oh well there's other caramel apple candies out there that I do find delicious!

I was actually surprised on the taste of these I figured they be good but they were way better then I imagined so I had to go and get more I couldn't get enough

This candy is a great product. I would recommend for anyone to try them at least one time. They are not easy to find where I live at. However, whenever I do see them, I make sure to buy several bags. The taste is wonderful for people who like caramel apples.

Good. My husband and I enjoyed this combination.

I hated these!! the apple filling was gross!

Not a favorite. The original and the caramel filling are much much better.

I Love Werthers Original Caramel caramels - I keep a bag of the sugar-free at my desk and at home. I have also tried the Caramel filling and like the Creamy caramel taste with apples. I recommend Werthers to all!!

Double gross

My grandfather and I love these delicious little candies. They are very addicting.

Love this candy. My grandmother used to give these to me when I was a child.

My absolute favorite "hard" candy. Love the creamy apple filling!