Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

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Great for active babies We didn't initially buy, but daycare had one that our LO LOVED being in. We purchased a little later that we should have. Takes up space while setup but is able to easily be collapsed for storage.

Great jumper I love this jumper. It has so much things on it and it keeps my little one busy. She loves this toy probably the best thing I ever bought for her.

Love love love I had this when my daughter was born and she totally loved this product! She would spend most of day in there because when I would try to take her out she would cry lol.

Great for active babies This is so cute and babies love it . It keeps baby happy and helps them learn with interactive toys and music built in. Great for helping babies exercise their little legs.

Works great and babies love it. But it's expensive if price were lower they would sell a lot more!

baby perfect my daughter loved this, perfect height and all for her and she had so much fun with it. highly recommend this to anyone with a baby

This jumper is well worth the money. It provide entertainment, and allowed me to get things done. There is a couple of times my daughter found herself to sleep

My kids loved this. Bright and entertaining, very visually appealing. Good quality product.

This jumperoo was my son's favorite toy when he was 1 and it was very easy to assemble.

I love the design and all the toys and activities on it. The bright colors attract the eyes and is fun. It is perfect for babies and I love the jump effect. It's so nice to use and kids love it.

My son has this and he absolutely loves it, can play in there for hours.

Oh my husband and I got this jumper about 1 years ago for our youngest son. He loved that thing. Jumping all the time and trying to suck and hold on to all the cute little things on there. I love how the fabric comes off as well made for easy cleaning when my son's wet diaper got on it or he dropped milk or food on it. The toys were so neat on there he loved the music especially. It was a life saver when I had to put him down and he'd get cranky but not in the jumper he'd even fall asleep in it. I would recommend this to anyone with a small child not just for boys.

This gets a 4 stars due to how hard it was to put together, it made quite a bit if noise and should be easier to clean. My lil ones did enjoy this Bouncer though!

One of my favorite toys that we've had for our babies.

My daughter loved this thing, it does take up alot of space.