L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I really like this bb cream. It gives a very light coverage and helps other makeup go on smoother. It can be worn alone or underneath foundation. I noticed that it made my face nice and smooth. Now it's a must have for me!

i love all the bb creams

As far as dugstore BB creams go, I think this is by far the best for me. It does not leave my face feeling greasy. nor does it make me feel like I have a ton of lotion on my face after applying. It also matches me GREAT ( I am Native amer.. makeup colors are hard for me to match.) I use a bit of powder on my face after applying and I am good to go!! Love this stuff.. do not discontinue it L'oreal!!

This product is awesome...there are days that I feel a little lazy and dont want to go throught my whole makeup routine and this is what I use to use and GO! Its white and grainy at first and once you work it in with your brush it turns into your perfect shade :) I love how light it is...I'd say it's demi-matte and offers super natural coverage :) I love it... try it out!

I love this product. I wanted to join the BB cream trend, but since there are so many different brands, I wasn't sure how they were different. I ended up settling on L'Oreal since it was relatively cheap and I had some other bonuses that came along with it. The cream is white with silver beads and it blends into your skin magically. They have 3 shades, and I chose the medium shade and it works perfectly. I use it when I don't want to put too much make up on my face and it works well after my moisturiser and then BB cream, then powder!

GREAT Product, Makes my face have a glow .... I LOVE it !!

This is the first time I've used BB cream and I really like it. It goes on smoothly and it really does a good job at covering redness and keeping my skin moisturized.


I received my L'OREAL BB Cream in the mail yesterday and first off i loved the package it came in ..had me so excited to open it. Once i opened it i squeezed it out of tube it came out as a cream which was surprising to me then once i rubbed it in i was soooooooo shocked that it turned into a foundation plus primer!!!! This was sooooo amazing as a makeup artist this made me so happy because it cuts down on a step for full face application. I will def be getting other color n hope they come out with even more shades! LOVE LOVE LOVE

I received my BB cream in the mail today. I have to say it I LOVE It!!! OMG I would have never i known if i haven't tried it. It doesn't break me out or anything and my face is really sensitive to some products but not this one.. LOVE IT!!!!

i just received this in the mail.. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT..i tend to put extra concealer under my eyes.. and with this product i don't have to.. it gives me the well rested look!!!...with it being so light.. my face is able to BREATH!!!..

I was amazed at how much it covered and how nice the color blended into my skin. I have the light color. I even got compliments from my family and friends - they said my skin looked "airbrushed"! and I absolutely loved the way it looked. I have a few freckles (that I love) and they weren't covered, but my skin tone was evened and I was glowing- but not in an artificial way. It looked like I just had really great skin an the most important Stays fresh and matches skin tones great if applied correctly. looks very natural not cakey at all. I couldn't be happier. thanks Shespeaks and Loreal.

I absolutely love my BB cream! After I applied it my skin looked flawless. It feels so light on my face and blends in so well. I would recommend this product to anyone. Definitely a staple product in my make-up routine! I LOVE IT!

Love this product. It matches my skin tone. Im going to purchased more of this product. Love it!!!!!

Just received my package last night. I love the BB cream! My skin looks flawless and you cant even tell that I am wearing anything! I am so happy with my results!