Vicki Delany More Than Sorrow

Vicki Delany More Than Sorrow

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Pros: I think the book did a great job relating to the audience exactly what victims of TBI (traumatic brain injury) experience, as well as what their families go through. The character Hannah was also a character the reader could easily empathize with. Cons: I know this book hasn't been edited yet, but, wow! There were so many letters, words, and spaces left out that half the time I couldn't figure out what I was reading (OK, half the time I could, it was just annoying). Secondly, I figured out what the ending of the book was about a couple chapters in. But mostly, I wanted to read this story without the historical background. Don't get me wrong--if the author had written a separate novel concerning the house/land's history, I would have read it, but used as a sub-plot in this story, it didn't work for me. Especially concerning the cheesy ending... *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.