USA Burn Notice

USA Burn Notice

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Action packed, funny and im pretty sure i learned how to make a bomb, fake id and other stuff from watching this show.

amazing show It's hilarious, hot, clever, and the plot drew me in.

I was so sad to see this show end. My husband and I loved it! We recommend it to friends all the time that want something new to watch. We are huge Bruce Campbell fans and he is AMAZING in this show. Its a good show with round about qualitlies. You have action and romance. Good storyline and a great cast that works well together!

This is a show I watched with my son and I have bought each season for hi when they come out. It is the modern day Macgyver, now that was a show I could still watch unlike the Golden Girls.

I love burn notice! i got addicted to this series while i was taking care of my new born. it's funny, mysterious and thrilling too :)

This season primer is tomorrow I can't wait! I wanna know who a is and I want to know why go after the girls!

I really miss my Michael Wesson and Fi right now and this years series finale was heartwrenching to say goodbye to such a good show Ive watched all these years. I highly recommend this to everyone.

action packed

Entertaining, explosive fish-trying-to-get-back-into-water program. Amusing characters, interesting story lines, lots of things that go "boom."

Great action packed show. Keeps you sucked in and watching.

This is one of my favorite shows. Can't get enough of this show.

Funny and full of action adventure. Watch it all the time!

My hubs & I love Burn Notice. Every season brings a new dilemma for Michael, a burned spy. The chemistry between Michael & Fiona (his girlfriend) is amazing. There's always a twist in the plot, making him a modern day Robin Hood of sorts. Needless to say, we look forward to Thursday nights!

My husband and I watched a marathon of Burn Notice on New Years Day a few years ago because there was nothing else on and now I'm hooked! It's the story of a burned spy dumped off in Florida and all he has is his crazy ex-girlfriend, an old CIA friend that used to report on him and his family. He's trying to get his life back. Great story line and each episode finds him helping someone along his journey to find who burned him.

This show reminded me of Magiver the way they were always improvising a way to get out of tight situations. Action packed with great characters and more plot lines surprises than you expect.