Bright Starts Harmony Bouncy Seat

Bright Starts Harmony Bouncy Seat

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quiet bouncer This was a gift from a friend to our daughter and I love how convenient it is. I like that is quiet enough for the adults and strong enough to rock baby and keep her entertained. I like that it provides music and different speeds for rocking our baby. The colors are super adorable.

I brought this for my niece. She loved it, when she would become fussy her parents would sit her in it and the movement soothed her. She would take most of her naps in it.

Had one for a boy. ... he grew out of it fast! Great automatic bouncer though

Had this for my kids. It's very good to have. If you need to clean or cook. Just put your kid in this and hook them in it. Then do what you need to do.

great product....actually helps baby to be more calm and also helps with putting them to sleep

love it

Was nice and snuggley for my little bean when she was in the infant stage. She grew out of it only a few months later though and i switched to a fisher price bouncer that was built for larger infants. was great while she fit in it though!

My daughter LOVED this seat when she was little, was more *cuddly* then other bouncer seats. But she quickly out grew it. The design is wonderful for the little ones as it cradles them and makes them feel a little more secure then the normal flatish ones but I can only give it 4 stars because it doesn't really grow with them and gets to be uncomfortable when they are a little bigger

i used this product for my kids and just recently i purchased a new one for mysister who just had a baby and she loved it too

I used our bouncer for 2 kids. My first daughter loved it, and my second daughter only used it for a few months. We used it mostly for the early months, newborn to about 5-6 months? You can't use it anymore once they learn to sit independently if they're anything like my kids - they'll try to crawl out or lean forward out of the chair. I love that it vibrates and plays music. It seems super comfy, I wish I had one my size!!! The only con- After 2 years of use the bars holding the chair up seemed to become loose. It's still sturdy, but it kept moving. It doesn't eat batteries like some of my other chairs/swings, it's easy to clean, and it reclines.

My baby loved being in hers was a little big for her but it seemed to soothe her.

I say save your money, it is cheaply made, is NOT safe, and a waste of time.

I used for my premmie and LOVED it.

pros... cheap, nice colors, soft material cons...Very poor design, the straps the buckle to hold the baby in do not adjust on the seat (they are stationary,,, they do tighten and loosen but do not move on seat) and the front panel that hold the baby in is WAY too big!!! there is no way to make it fit regardless of the babies size, very odd!!!! I used blankets to help but it didnt and then i used a insert for a car seat, big soft fluffy one and my little one can kind of fit but does not last long! Should not have to rig something up to make baby fit when it is designed for birth and up!!! NOT happy at all!!!