Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear

Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear

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This works well and quickly to clear clogged drains, and doesn't seem to eat away at the finish like some drain cleaners do. I have tried several different drain cleaners over the years, and this one works better than any others I have tried. Mostly our clogs are due to hair accumulation, and this really does the trick on it. Very pleased with this product.

My hubs loves this as he says it actually works to get rid of all the hair clogs my hair creates in the drain!

This stuff works great! Pour it down the drain, let it work its magic, and you have a perfectly working unclogged drain in a matter of minutes!

I love this product. For some reason, our drains often get clogs and this product works great every time. I love that its an easy fix and something I can do on my own.

I had tried everything to make my stand up shower drain faster. I even tried baking soda and white vinegar. Nothing worked. As a last ditch effort, before calling a plumber, I bought Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear. I poured it down the drain and left it for half hour or so and then ran the shower. It drains perfectly now!