Arbor Mist Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails

Arbor Mist Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails

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I was super excite to see the Arbor Mist box arrive. However upon trying them ( a month late since I was ill) I was surprise by the taste/flavor. I really did not care for the sickly sweet taste. A well as the fact I could actually see the syrup consistency drip from the straw as I pulled it from my drink. I believe this is a good product. However it was not a great fit for me. I am just not the type to like overly sweet things. This would be great to take along for an outdoor event.

I really liked the concept but the taste was a little off to me. Great idea but I'm hoping they will improve them.

I am not a big wine drinker, but when I do I like the sweet wines including Arbor Mist. I love any kind of frozen drink, so when I saw these in stores I got super excited! I bought the strawberry and the blackberry to try. I love sweets, but I was shocked at how sweet these were! They were too sweet even for me...I had the strawberry one first and thought maybe it was just that one but the second one in blackberry was just as bad. I can't drink these, and with how much sugar I consume my husband was surprised to hear that I thought they were too sweet. If they could tone down the sweetness it is a great idea.

the strawberry one was very syrupy adn I personally would just like a glass of wine. Will give it another try with a different flavor. Very easy to use.

Love how refreshing the arbor mist is. With the hot summer at was great when friends were over to offer this drink. and relax together in the quiet evenings.

These are a delicious and refreshing adult beverage, especially for those hot, sultry days of summer. I live in Eastern NC, so we have warm days right on through October! So...I may still be enjoying my frozen drinks, even though it is almost Halloween ;) If you like sweet, fruity drinks, you will love the Arbor Mist frozen wine cocktails! (Not to mention they are available right in the grocery store - no liquor store trip; they're affordable; and they are super convenient.) My only con is that they have a lot of sugar....but it is a wine cocktail, not a diet drink!

This drinks have become popular, so it wasn't a surprise when I saw this. I had to give it a try and to my amazement they were delicious and affordable. These are great for camping trips and parties.

Arbor Mist's frozen wine cocktails are awesome. They are easy to keep around when you have a couple friends over,or when you just feel like a drink but don't want to dirty the blender. They are refreshing and the flavors are quite good.

easy to fix, taste great and many flavors to choose from. if you like flavored drinks you really need to try these.

The perfect "adult" slushie for a long hot august night!

These frozen wine cocktails were fantastic. They were really easy to prepare, just freeze, squeeze and enjoy just like their website says. It was so nice to pull one of these out of the freezer and enjoy it on my porch. So fast and refreshing!

These Arbor Mist wine slushies are amazingly refreshing. They are easy to freeze and squeeze. I especially love the Merlot Blackberry. I would definitely recommend these.

Never enjoyed wine until I was introduced to these frozen cocktails!

Great, fast & easy cocktail to have on hand...even for a party of one! The texture when coming out of the bag is weird, but just mix it and you're good to go!

I loved Arbour Mist when I was introduced to it as a guest at a party years back, so when I had to chance to try the new Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails, of course I couldn't let his pass me by. The flavors are delicious. They come in Blackberry Merlot, Stawberry White Zinfandel & Whte Pear Pinot Grigio, with Strawberry being my absolute favorite. They all taste great. They are an absolute plus for a back yard picnic or birthday party. All you need to do is place the bag in the feezer for 4 -5 hours, then grab one at your conveninece. If your sitting out on your deck having a few cocktails with family or friends, Arbour Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails will make everyone happy & they are easy and quick. Your guests wil be smiling in no time after trying these refreshing & delicious cocktails.