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  • MrsRick06 By  MrsRick06    

    Sweat Proof

    Love this scent! It smells so good and the product works very well. This is a great line from Dove!

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  • DeYoni By  DeYoni    

    I love this smell and Secret has always been my favorite to use. It keeps me fresh and dry

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  • Jamester7186 By  Jamester7186    

    I absolutely love this deodorant. Secret deodorant was always one of my favorites. It always keeps me dry which is what is important to me.

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  • 1Danielle By  1Danielle    

    I will never use any other kid have been using for a long time !!

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  • Maxine1205 By  Maxine1205    

    Smells wonderful. Keeps me dry no matter how hot I get.

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  • Trishlyn By  Trishlyn    

    I love this sent and deodorant. It is the best working deodorant I have found

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  • jessok By  jessok    

    Smells really good , I use it in gym class and it stays on the whole day. Definitley recomend it

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  • Suziekim78 By  Suziekim78    

    I love the lavender scented Secret deodorant and antiperspirant! It smells SO good, and lasts all day long. I never feel uncomfortable wearing this product! It really works!

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  • spoild1067 By  spoild1067    

    I love this deot. It keeps me dry all day and smells great.

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  • Kelly222222 By  Kelly222222    

    I bought this the other day... Smells good.... Will be buying different scents in the future

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  • MsDcoy By  MsDcoy    

    I love this the scent and how well it lasts. Would recommend this product!!

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  • debdol By  debdol    

    I just bought this product the other day, love the scent and the clear gel. It truly does work

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  • brilessthan3 By  brilessthan3    

    I absolutely love the way this stuff smells! It also keeps my armpits dry, which a lot of other deodorants do not. This is my deodorant of choice.

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  • beautiixpose By  beautiixpose    

    This is my favorite brand I love the scent its amazing & when I work out I dont get any bad odor it keeps me fresh for 12 plus hour.. Try it yall you will really like it !!

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Ooh LA LA ! I love this. Smells so good and goes on smooth with no mess. Works great and lasts long. Doesn't dry me out Or irritate skin. Love the brand and price is great.

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