Full Throttle Energy Drink Blue Agave

Full Throttle Energy Drink Blue Agave

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When I worked night shift and needed a pick me up, Full throttle was the first item I reached for. Blue agave is my favorite. The taste is better than most energy drinks I have tried. For people like me, living paycheck to paycheck, buying this drink will not break the bank.

good much better than monster, the taste is great and gives you energy!

I enjoy this flavor from Full throttle. Smooth and easy to drink. Keep me focused and up but not jittery for me. I prefer the cherry flavor most but this one is a good second choice.

Just found the blue agave flavor the other day and picked it up cause 1: I love Full Throttle and 2: I had only slept an hour and needed the boost. and 3: Its like 2$ and i only had 5 left after shopping. It is delicious! As soon as i took my first drink my mom who was next to me in the car was like "Mmm what is that? It smells really good!" She typically doesnt like the taste of energy drinks but really liked the taste of this one. I drank the whole 16 oz can and didnt get shaky like some others make me,and it gave me enough boost to get through all the cooking and preping i had to do for my sons party the next day.