Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock

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I carry one of these around with me. I love how much easier it is to spray onto squirming children then lotion that needs to be rubbed. It does have a weird odor when sprayed and the spray is cold when spraying it on. It does work on wet skin and is great for reapplying when getting out of pool or other water.

Holy grain sunscreen All time favorite, holy grail sunblock! I love that this can be applied on dry and wet skin and provides the same UV protect I expect from a dermatologist recommended brand. It's affordable and always on sale!

Must Have if you have children A favorite sunscreen year after year! It is also a FSA product, so it's a plus! Perfect for boating, pool or beach days. This is a non greasy product, smells good and mist is clear. Spray nozzle works great, product comes out evenly. Highly recommend to parents of little ones who lacks patience when applying sunscreen.

My favorite Sunscreen I've been using this sunscreen for many years. It's light, applies quickly and absorbs immediately, and it doesn't affect my skin negatively.

Resists our water park lifestyles My family loves to spend the summers at the water parks! 2 months ago before hitting the first day of fun in the sun we picked up this amazing sunscreen. The kids aren't bothered by it and not a single one of us has had any form of uncomfortable redness this year. This is definitely an amazing product. Even better.... It's a spray and mess-free option. I usually just spray on my hand before I apply it to our faces just in case. But I will never have messy sunscreen all over the car and kids bodies again!

Never disappoints Neutrogena sunscreen is always my go to. They are great for sensitive skin and they do a great job with the sun. This one especially is great for people who loveee to get in the water!

My beach day sunscreen Love how Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock can be applied all during the day at the water - even with wet skin. It's effective immediately and I can continue playing in the water (or sweating lol). I do go for the higher spf as I have pale skin.

Great for the Desert Sun I live in the desert Southwest, so I wear sunscreen literally every day, and this sunscreen is my go to because it provides coverage without being too greasy, and it doesn't have an overpowering aroma. I'm a Neutrogena fan in general and use many of its products. This might be a bit pricier than some other brands, but I'm happy to pay more for the quality.

Love it! This is a very practical sunblock. Unlike others which are very thick, this doesn't leave white sticky streaks on your skin if you fail to rub it in properly.

Very convenient at the pool or beach and with kids. You don't need to dry them off to put it on just spray them down and let me run

Perfect product Great coverage and I love that you don't have to rub it in and get it all over your hands. It is also easy to use for kids you don't want to have their mothers rubbing lotion sunscreen on them. It's just a nice easy spray and off the kids go. The water protection works great for a long time.

amazing I will tell anybody and everybody Neutrogena products are the best! I love this sunscreen it goes on easily doesn't leave globs, blends in really well, and it smells yummy!

Definitely prefer Neutrogena over any sunscreen. It doesn't have the stench some other sunscreens have and as long as applied regularly (just like any other sunscreen) it works well.

Such a great product! Makes protecting my child from the sun easy, no white streaks or endless rubbing. Great protection! Doesn't wash off in the water like so many others do. Reapplying is just as quick. Wonderful, simplified, fast & efficient protection! ; )

This is great for when we go to the beach, because it doesn't wash off like other ones do, I hardly ever get burned when I use this